Here’s Why You Don’t Buy Cars From Some Guy On Craigslist Who’s In A Huge Hurry

Here’s Why You Don’t Buy Cars From Some Guy On Craigslist Who’s In A Huge Hurry

Car shopping is something that you don’t want to do in a hurry. Especially when shopping for a used car. Especially when buying a used car from a stranger on Craigslist. A couple in Texas learned this important life lesson when they bought what they thought was a nice, cheap, low-mileage van. Well… it was cheap, and it’s a van. [More]


NHTSA Closes Probe Into 1.9M Chrysler, Dodge Minivans Without Determining Cause Of Stalling Issue

Following months of analyzing data, reviewing a recall petition and assessing more than 720 consumers complaints, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration decided to close a probe into nearly 1.9 million Chrysler minivans without finding a safety issue or determining why the vehicles stall. [More]

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Fiat Chrysler Recalls 703,000 Minivans & SUVs For Ignition Switch Issues

The first major ignition switch recall of 2015 belongs to Fiat Chrysler. The automaker has expanded a previous safety recall to include more than 702,000 minivans and SUVs because – like the previous General Motors recalls – the ignition key can inadvertently move to the off position, disabling safety features of the vehicles. [More]

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New Minivan Feature Helps Parents Yell More Effectively At Their Kids

Sometimes it’s necessary to remind children very sternly that unbuckling their seatbelts in order to more effectively wallop their brother is not okay while you’re driving. At those times, a parent probably wants to make sure kids know they are not in a joking mood, but maybe need some help making sure they can yell effectively while driving. So why not let the car help? [More]

Chrysler Recalls 645,000 Minivans Because Enjoying The Breeze Shouldn’t Include A Fire

Chrysler Recalls 645,000 Minivans Because Enjoying The Breeze Shouldn’t Include A Fire

Driving down the highway with the windows down, wind in your hair sounds pretty relaxing. But if you’re the owner of a Chrysler minivan that drive might need to wait. [More]

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Honda Odyssey’s Built-In Vacuum Works Surprisingly Well, Costs A Lot

Maybe you’ve seen the commercials for the new Honda Odyssey minivan that tout its new on-board vacuum cleaner. Sure, you could haul out a Shop-Vac periodically to clean out your car, but what what if you could suck up those Cheerios right after your toddler drops them, no matter where you are? The new Odyssey offers a canister vacuum wired right into the vehicle so you can do just that. [More]

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Don’t Take The Car Cup Holder For Granted — In 1982 You’d Have Tab All Over Your Lap

There are some things we see every day, to the point where they’ve become invisible. For example, the humble cup holder in your car. Sure, it doesn’t do anything beyond its one designated purpose, it doesn’t play your iPod or update your Facebook status for you. But it’s the reason you’re not soaked in Mountain Dew breakfast drink on your way to work, so you should take a moment to thank it for not having to explaining that stain to your boss. [More]

Why Did Toyota Sell Me A Van With An Obsolete Navigation System?

Why Did Toyota Sell Me A Van With An Obsolete Navigation System?

Ben bought a Toyota Sienna minivan last year, and one of the fancy options included was a built-in navigation system. That’s neat. But what’s strange is that his car has the wrong system. It has the one meant for the 2011 model, not the 2012 that he purchased. This doesn’t seem like all that big a deal, but it hurts the resale value of his van and is just generally annoying. Wouldn’t you want the technology that you paid for? [More]

300,000 Dodge & Chrysler Minivans Recalled For Possible
Airbag Problems

300,000 Dodge & Chrysler Minivans Recalled For Possible Airbag Problems

Chrysler has recalled 300,000 model year 2008 Dodge Caravan, Chrsyler Grand Voyager and Town & Country minivans in the U.S. over concerns that the airbags on these vehicles could inadvertently deploy, which is hilarious in slapstick comedies but potentially deadly in real life. [More]

Nissan Recalls 540,000 Cars

Nissan Recalls 540,000 Cars

Due to potential problems in brake pedal pins and fuel-gauge components, Nissan is recalling 540,000 cars, 179,000 of which are in the US. [More]

The 6 MPH Crash That Costs $8,000 To Repair

The 6 MPH Crash That Costs $8,000 To Repair

Minivan bumpers may not protect much, but they sure do cost a lot to repair, according to the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety. The IIHS smashed six minivans to test their bumpers and found that all racked up repair bills exceeding $5,000. The Nissan Quest was singled out as a “miserable failure,” costing $8,000 to patch-up.

Extracting a deal from a Chrysler dealer may soon get a little easier. Rather than offer dealer incentives, the automaker is cutting the sticker price on its minivans by $2,000 on average; the new sticker price will more closely reflect the final price paid by most consumers.

Chrysler Recalls 400,000 Minivans With Corroded Airbag Sensors

Chrysler is recalling 400,000 Dodge Caravans and Chrysler Town & Country minivans over concerns that road salt may corrode sensors, preventing air bags from properly deploying. Chrysler told the government, “brass brushings on the sensors could corrode and crack on the front air bags, allowing water to enter the sensor and causing it to fail.” Were that to happen, the air bag warning light would illuminate, meaning you should try really hard not to crash.