A coalition of companies - led by Starbucks - have vowed to put nearly 100,000 consumers ages 16 to 24 to work over the next three years.

Starbucks, 17 Other Companies Partner To Provide “Opportunity Youth” With Jobs, Internships

Teaching young adults responsibility — and showing them that responsibility can have financial benefits — pays off in the long run by cultivating a solid work ethic. That’s the thinking behind a new multi-company initiative spearheaded by Starbucks. [More]

How Do Video Game Publishers Continue To Get Away With Mistreating Their Customers?

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It’s E3 time: the annual video game conference — still, barely nominally, a trade show — is taking place this week in Los Angeles, drawing developers, publishers, and media from around the world to gawk at titles large and small. From Facebook games to Fallout, everything is on display… including the long history of the contentious, adversarial relationship between the companies that make the games and the consumers who play them. [More]

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Xbox One Getting A Lot More Useful With Backwards Compatability

When Microsoft and Sony announced their current slate of gaming consoles in 2013, neither manufacturer included backwards compatibility, meaning all your Xbox 360 and PS3 games still needed the old console to play those games. Today at E3, Microsoft finally announced that the Xbox One will include the ability to play previous-generation games on the current-gen console. [More]


Windows 10 Will Come Pre-Loaded With Candy Crush Saga Because That Is The World We Live In Now

Get your best “back in my day” grumble face on: Solitaire and Minesweeper might’ve been good enough procrastination tools in times past, but Microsoft is getting hip to the times, and will pre-load Candy Crush Saga into its upcoming Windows 10. [More]

Xbox One's new live over-the-air network broadcasts could soon include a DVR option.

Microsoft Reportedly Adding DVR Feature To Xbox One Over-The-Air Broadcasts

When Microsoft announced last month that its Xbox One would have the ability to provide users with live over-the-air content from local broadcast networks, the company said the new feature would allow viewers to pause the action for up to 30 minutes. But a half-hour just isn’t a lot of time for today’s busy TV watcher, which is probably why the company is reportedly looking to add a DVR feature to the console [More]

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Windows 10 Users Will Be Able To Flip The Bird With New Emoji

Sometimes, words just don’t do the trick. For those times, using certain gestures can express everything you’re feeling with just the upward flick of one particular finger. Microsoft better hope people like Windows 10 a lot more than they did Windows 8, or they’ll be getting a lot of the middle-finger emoji included in the newest iteration of its operating system. [More]

Time has apparently not been kind at all to those Cheerios.

Played With That Viral Age-Guesser This Week? You Just Gave Microsoft A Bunch Of Free Photos To Use

If you use Facebook, Twitter, or basically any part of the internet at all, sometime in the last 24 hours you’ve seen Microsoft’s newest tool, the age-guesser. Everyone’s sharing it, using it, and laughing over (or feeling insulted by) the results. But the tool’s rapid spread also accidentally highlights one of the biggest challenges of the digital age: the fine print. [More]

Microsoft Edge Revealed As Replacement For Internet Explorer Web Browser

Microsoft Edge Revealed As Replacement For Internet Explorer Web Browser

The final nail in Internet Explorer’s coffin came today, as Microsoft revealed its erstwhile web browser’s replacement: What had been known as Project Spartan is being introduced to the world as Microsoft Edge. [More]


Rejoice, Procrastinators: Microsoft Bringing Back Solitaire For Windows 10

Because it’s not a work day without procrastination, the enduring presence of Solitaire on the PCs of workers everywhere used to be a comfort many relied on to get through those long hours at a desk — until Microsoft left the program off Windows 8. Someone must’ve been listening to your sad cries of longing, as Solitaire is coming back as a standard feature in Windows 10. [More]

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Google, Bing To Block Search Result Ads For Unlicensed Payday Lenders In California

Government officials in California found a few unlikely allies when it comes to ensuring online payday lenders aren’t illegally advertising their services to residents online: The nation’s top search engine providers. [More]

Microsoft rolled out a new feature allowing Xbox One Preview members to watch live over-the-air broadcasts.

U.S. Xbox One Users Can Now Watch Over-The-Air TV (With $80 Add-On)

Some days it seems as if the uses for the Xbox One are unlimited; you can play games, watch on-demand programing from HBO GO, Netflix and other apps and you can live stream content through a subscription to Sling TV. One thing you haven’t been able to do? Watch live over-the-air content from local broadcast networks. But that’s about to change. [More]

Sling TV Adding More Channels To Base Package, Now Works On Xbox One

Sling TV Adding More Channels To Base Package, Now Works On Xbox One

Dish’s standalone streaming Sling TV service continues to add more value to its $20/month subscription price, with the announcement today that Sling is now accessible through Xbox One consoles and that four channels are being added to the standard Sling lineup. [More]


Microsoft Putting Internet Explorer Brand Out Of Its Misery

It’s been a long, slow march toward the end, but now Internet Explorer as a brand is facing the executioner: Microsoft confirmed that it’s ditching the IE name for its upcoming browser, which is known as Project Spartan at the moment. [More]

Here’s How To Get Rid Of That Nasty Superfish Vulnerability On Your New Lenovo Laptop

Here’s How To Get Rid Of That Nasty Superfish Vulnerability On Your New Lenovo Laptop

Computer manufacturer Lenovo rightly caught heat far and wide from every corner of the internet this week after security researchers discovered a massive security flaw that shipped pre-installed as advertising software. Lenovo should never have put the intrusive software on their computers in the first place, but there is some good news today, as the company is now sharing a list of what computers were affected, and how owners of their machines can remove this junk crap from their systems. [More]

Microsoft Really Wants You To Try Windows 10, Offers Free Upgrades

Microsoft Really Wants You To Try Windows 10, Offers Free Upgrades

Consumers have not embraced Windows 8, the current PC operating system from Microsoft. In fact, some people have paid to get rid of it and downgrade back to the more comfortable Windows 7. Microsoft wants users to give their latest offering a try, and are making Windows 10 available as a free download to users of their current operating systems. [More]


Microsoft Temporarily Dropping The Price Of Xbox One To $349 Again

After cutting the price of the Xbox One $50 ahead of the holiday season, it seems Microsoft is still in the holiday spirit, as it’s offering the console for $349 again as of today. [More]

Google, Microsoft Face Down Hilton, Marriott In Fight Over Blocking Hotel Hotspots

Google, Microsoft Face Down Hilton, Marriott In Fight Over Blocking Hotel Hotspots

Hotel wifi really sucks sometimes: it can be expensive, insecure, and slow all at once. When there’s a convention in town, the network’s so overloaded you can’t connect at all. So travelers bring their own mobile hotspots. It’s a win for the consumer, but not for the hotel that suddenly loses the ability to charge you more fees. And that’s the core issue behind a regulatory fight that has hotels and tech firms arguing over what consumers are allowed to do. [More]


Barnes & Noble Will Buy Back Microsoft’s Share Of The Nook Business

At first upon hearing that Barnes & Noble will be buying back the stake Microsoft bought in its Nook business in 2012, one might have the idea that Barnes & Noble really believes in the Nook again. But no, it’s just bringing the e-reader business back into the fold so it can prepare to spin it off in a sale next year. [More]