CNN Shows That Microsoft Surface Makes Great $799 iPad Stand

CNN Shows That Microsoft Surface Makes Great $799 iPad Stand

From NFL sidelines to product placement in various movies and TV shows, Microsoft has been making a huge marketing push to get its Surface tablets in the hands of people you see on TV. But what’s that distinctive-looking Surface stand actually propping up? In the case of CNN, it’s probably an iPad. [More]

Software Update Bricks Teen’s Tablet, Microsoft Shrugs

Software Update Bricks Teen’s Tablet, Microsoft Shrugs

A few weeks ago, we received an e-mail here at Consumerist HQ with the subject line, “Bill Gates screwing a 13 year old.” Well, that couldn’t be literally true, but it was intriguing. Rick was writing on behalf of his grandson, who had saved his money for months to buy a Microsoft Surface that had effectively been bricked by a software update. Microsoft refused to repair it under warranty due to a missing screw, and Rick had spent weeks fighting the company. He turned to Consumerist for help. [More]

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Microsoft Says Liquid Damage Ruined My Surface’s Battery, And That’s Final

Electronics that are popular and have been on the market long enough to be out of warranty have vibrant industries of third-party repair shops, replacement parts, and online repair manuals. Yes, we’re thinking of iDevices when we say that. The problem with owning a newer device like the Microsoft Surface is that this kind of cottage industry hasn’t had the opportunity to grow yet. Warranty replacements are the norm and the only way to get things replaced. [More]

My Quest For A Defect-Free Microsoft Surface Goes Surprisingly Poorly

My Quest For A Defect-Free Microsoft Surface Goes Surprisingly Poorly

Being an early adopter can be difficult. Overall, Grady likes his new Microsoft Surface tablet, but noticed some hardware issues, like light distortion and a power button that doesn’t feel right. Those are relatively minor issues when the entire device is working well, but not what Grady expected when he laid out $600 for a new tablet. That’s when he began his quest to return his Surface to Microsoft and obtain one with no defects, cosmetic or otherwise. This quest turned out to be more difficult than he had predicted. [More]

When is 32 GB not 32 GB?

Lawsuit Aims To Call BS On Microsoft Surface Memory Size Claims

Is it misleading to advertise a tablet as having 32 GB of storage memory when only half of that number is actually available to the user? According to a new lawsuit over the new Microsoft Surface, the answer would be “yes.” [More]