Pizza Hut Is Selling A Giant Pizza-Sized Quesadilla In New Zealand

Pizza Hut Is Selling A Giant Pizza-Sized Quesadilla In New Zealand

For a while now, Pizza Hut has reserved many of its wackier pizza creations for the chain’s international outposts. Earlier this week, we learned that some of those more interesting flavors have been brought stateside, and one of our colleagues even got to try them. We can’t imagine the Hut bringing their new product line in New Zealand stateside, though. Even if Mary Beth would probably eat it. [More]

Mexican Restaurant: Sorry We Gave You Bloody Diarrhea. Please Come Back, Have A Free Burrito!

Burrito bribery.

Much like a customer might be wary of returning to say, the Carnival Triumph aka Poop Cruise, we can’t imagine many of the 74 diners who endured bloody diarrhea after eating at Federico’s Mexican Food will be tempted to cross that restaurant’s threshold any time soon. But that isn’t stopping the eatery from begging people to return in the form of free burrito bribery. [More]

Taco Bell Founder Dies

Taco Bell Founder Dies

Did you ever visit a Taco Bell drive-thru late at night and wonder why it was named Taco Bell? It’s because the very first one was opened in 1962 in California by a Marine named Glen W. Bell. The 86-year-old died this weekend and will be buried in a private ceremony. [More]