Man Claims He Wasn’t Cooking Meth In Walmart Bathroom, He Just Had The Ingredients

A man arrested in connection with a backpack containing what police called an active methamphetamine that was found in the bathroom of an Indiana Walmart apparently doesn’t want officials to get the wrong idea. He admits that yes, the bag was his and yes, there were ingredients in it to make meth. But he wasn’t trying to cook it in the bathroom, he claims. [More]


Texas Postal Worker Accused Of Delivering Meth On His Mail Route

While it might be convenient to tweak one job to allow for working a second at the same time, delivering methamphetamine while out on the postal route is the kind of thing that gets you arrested. A Texas postal worker attempted that kind of illegal multi-tasking, police say, dropping off drugs while doing his mail rounds. [More]

Not the tacos in question, they just look yummy. (ChrisGoldNY)

Drug Ring Bust Exposes Food Truck Selling Tacos With A Side Of Meth

It’s no Los Pollos Hermanos, but Mexican food and methamphetamines have met once again, this time outside the fictional bounds of Breaking Bad, on a taco truck in Denver. Of 17 people there recently indicted on charges related to trafficking/selling meth, one was accused of shilling meth right from the taco truck where she worked. [More]


NYC Pays Out $33,000 In Settlement After Police Mistake Jolly Ranchers For Meth

In a country enamored with a show about two guys making bright blue methamphetamine, it’s no wonder New York City policemen might’ve had drugs on the brain. But after cops mistook a few Jolly Rancher hard candies for meth and arrested three men in connection with the “controlled substance,” the NYPD has agreed to pay $33,000 to settle a lawsuit brought by one of the men who was in custody for 24 hours. [More]

(Alan Rappa)

Police: Woman Who Led Cops On High-Speed Chase Claims She Paid For Stolen Car With Meth

While you could possibly convince police that you didn’t know the car you bought was stolen, admitting that ou paid for it with meth will still probably land you in a spot of trouble. Especially after you’ve worn out cops with a high-speed chase exceeding 100 mph. That won’t help, either. [More]


It’s Customary To Leave The Meth In Your Pocket & The Cash On The Table When Tipping

Listen, people, if you can’t binge watch TV shows responsibly, someone should probably revoke your Netflix privileges. That’s the kind of joke we have to make when we hear that a couple in Oregon left their waitress methamphetamine as a tip. Even Jesse wouldn’t do that. Or he would. But whatever, real life is not Breaking Bad life. [More]


Lawsuit Claims Cops Couldn’t Tell The Difference Between Jolly Ranchers & Meth

The popularity of Breaking Bad has apparently invaded the public consciousnes to such a degree that it’s got police seeing drugs when there’s only candy to be found: A New York man has filed a lawsuit claiming cops detained him and a friend for 24 hours because they thought the Jolly Ranchers they had were methamphetamine. Oops. [More]

Meth House Haunts New Homeowners

Meth House Haunts New Homeowners

A pregnant mother of two in Colorado and her husband are stuck making $1,114 a month payments on a house they can’t live in. Shortly after they bought their dream home, they discovered needles in the window well. It turned out their dream house used to be owned by meth heads, and the house was contaminated with meth residue. [More]

Dream Home Is Actually A Meth House

Dream Home Is Actually A Meth House

A young couple thought they got a great deal, $190,000 for a two-story house in the historic district of Bristol Borough, PA with a yard and plenty of space. After they moved in, the headaches, sore throats and difficulty breathing started. Three weeks later, one of their new neighbors told them something the seller had neglected to mention: their new home used to be a meth house. [More]

Sonic Manager Arrested For Cooking Meth At Work

Sonic Manager Arrested For Cooking Meth At Work

Last week, police arrested a shift manager at a Sonic in Cape Girardeau, MO–it’s about halfway between St. Louis and Memphis, TN–after they found him with a big pile of meth supplies in the restaurant. According to Slashfood, he’d come back after the place was closed and tripped the burglar alarm. When police showed up at 1:57 AM they found the man in his Sonic uniform “allegedly attempting to whip up a batch of meth.” [More]

CenterPoint Energy Thinks Your Fish Tank Is A Meth Lab, So Police Kick In Your Door

CenterPoint Energy Thinks Your Fish Tank Is A Meth Lab, So Police Kick In Your Door

You’d think between the reactionary CenterPoint…

Attention Counterfeiters: Don't Put Lincoln On The $100 Bill Or You Will Be Arrested, Tasered

Attention Counterfeiters: Don't Put Lincoln On The $100 Bill Or You Will Be Arrested, Tasered

37-year-old Mesa, Arizona resident Scott Martin didn’t understand why a shop owner wouldn’t sell him a watch in exchange for two $100 bills bearing Abraham Lincoln’s watermark. The shop owner gently explained that President Lincoln appears on the penny and the $5 bill. This was enough to start a fight that ended with the shop owner tasering Martin.

When fire rescue personnel arrived, they cut off Martin’s shirt to treat him, and three more counterfeit $100 bills fell out, the document said.

Free Advice: Don't Deposit Bags Of Meth In The ATM

Free Advice: Don't Deposit Bags Of Meth In The ATM

Here’s a little free advice from your friends at The Consumerist: Don’t deposit bags of meth at the ATM. You don’t get any interest and they’re probably going to figure out who are after they see your name and account number.

Sudafed PE: Pregnant Women Should Watch Out For Reformulated Medicines

Sudafed PE: Pregnant Women Should Watch Out For Reformulated Medicines

Not to malign the good name of Sudafed, but it seems there is some debate out there as to whether or not pregnant women should take the reformulated “Sudafed PE.” Obviously, we are in no way doctors, nor do we know the first damn thing about pregnant woman, but we do know that several medicines have reformulated in order to stay on the shelves and we wanted to make sure people knew about it. Because Sudafed contains an ingredient used to make meth, some states now require it to be stored behind the pharmacist’s counter. Reasonable enough. The confusion comes in when people don’t realize that the new “on-the-shelf” Sudafed contains different ingredients than the old Sudafed.

Mythbusting: Does Home Depot Have A Meth-Lab Aisle?

I have no proof of this, but it comes from a reliable source (well, someone I consider reliable).

Burger King: Would You Like Meth With That?

If you need another reason not to eat fast food, here it is: A manager of a California Burger King was caught using the drive-thru to sell methamphetamine. The customer would place their food order (and their drug order) through the drive-thru ordering system and manager Michelle Filby would fill it.