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Menards Flying 50 Workers From Wisconsin To North Dakota Every Week To Staff New Store

Business might not be booming everywhere around the country, but in Minot, N.D. it’s booming so big there aren’t enough people to fill the available jobs at home improvement retailer, Menards. In order to supply enough of a workforce to staff the store near North Dakota’s thriving oil patch, the company is hiring 50 people from its hometown of Eau Claire, Wis. and flying them in every week. Talk about a tough commute. [More]

Never Follow A Security Guard Into The Back Of The Store

Never Follow A Security Guard Into The Back Of The Store

Here’s some advice for you, the regular customer who doesn’t shoplift: never go into the back of a store with a security guard, store manager, rent-a-cop, etc. Never. Someone posted the following story in the Janesville, Wisconsin CraigsList over the weekend. Because the poster cooperated in good faith with the security personnel at her local Menards home store, she had to pay $150 to avoid having the police called on her.

Menards: No Waiting For Savings

Menards: No Waiting For Savings

Reader jpac sent us this photo, and we thought about it while waiting in the world’s longest line at an understaffed Target the other day. Say what you will about that mother@#$!@!-ing Menards jingle that they endlessly…endlessly repeat over the loud speakers…