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Nintendo Scratches My 3DS And Loses Data During Repair, Shrugs

Initially, Shawn thought that Nintendo had done a really great job repairing his 3DS. The control pad was working nicely. Only something wasn’t right: the pouch was missing where the SD memory card should have been. There was also a scratch on the device that hadn’t been there before. Cards themselves are cheap: it’s the data that’s irreplaceable, and that’s already gone. So what’s Shawn so upset about? Mostly that no one at Nintendo will admit that anything went wrong. [More]

Amazon 'Pricing Error' Leads To Graphics Card Preorder Cancellations

Amazon 'Pricing Error' Leads To Graphics Card Preorder Cancellations

Online deal-hunters are furious that Amazon priced a graphics card at $175, only to be so overwhelmed with pre-orders that it canceled them and hiked the price to above $250. [More]