McDonald’s Adds Old Bay Seasoning To Filet-O-Fish Sandwiches In Some States

Each year around Lent, McDonald’s reminds consumers that it offers an appropriate fish sandwich for anyone avoiding meat during the season. This year, the company is doing the same, but adding a bit of spice to the mix in select East coast states: Old Bay seasoning. [More]

The teen on the left  wrecked the kitchen at McDonald's after being fired. Since the video went viral, the manager on the right has also been shown the door.

Start Your Week With This Video Of Fired McDonald’s Employee Trashing Kitchen

Are you unhappy to be back at work after the weekend? Do you dream of running amok in your office and maybe going hog-wild on the printer? We don’t advise that you actually do that, but you can maybe get some vicarious release by watching a fired McDonald’s employee wreak havoc on the eatery that dismissed him. [More]


Whoever Called The Cops To Complain About Baby Kangaroo At McDonald’s Must Hate Adorable Things

There are only three reasons I can think of for calling the police over an adorable baby animal such as a kangaroo at a McDonald’s: 1. Said animal is hopping all over the fries 2. Person is unsure if it’s legal to own baby kangaroos 3. You inexplicably loathe tiny, furry cute little faces. It’s unclear why someone at a McDonald’s called the cops to complain about a baby kangaroo in a car seat, but it happened. [More]

What Ended The Short-Lived Marriage Of McDonald’s & Chipotle?

What Ended The Short-Lived Marriage Of McDonald’s & Chipotle?

Even today, nearly a decade after McDonald’s divested its 8-year-old investment in Chipotle, some people still think the fast food giant owns the chain of burrito eateries. McDonald’s made money off Chipotle, and Chipotle was able to grow because of McDonald’s, so why did the marriage end? A new oral history of Chipotle sheds a lot of light on this odd-couple relationship. [More]

McDonald's in Australia is auctioning a 500-ml bottle of Big Mac sauce.

McDonald’s Is Selling Tubes Of Big Mac Special Sauce… But Only In Australia

If you’ve ever wanted to slather McDonald’s Big Mac special sauce on a home-cooked burger but didn’t have the energy or motivation to make your own copycat version, then the idea that company is now selling bottles of the yellow-orange sauce is probably exciting. That is until you find out you can only get it in Australia. [More]

McDonald’s Will Allow Some Customers To Pay With Selfies, Hugs & High Fives Next Week

McDonald’s Will Allow Some Customers To Pay With Selfies, Hugs & High Fives Next Week

In its latest effort porving that McDonald’s is going to cling to this Lovin’ thing and never, ever let it go, the fast-food chain has a new Super Bowl ad promising to reward touchy-feely customers with free food, in exchange for selfies, hugs, high fives and anything else the company deems to be in line with Lovin’. [More]


How The New McDonald’s CEO Could Improve Restaurants Worldwide

For years now, we’ve referred to Taco Bell CEO Greg Creed as “curiously Australian,” since it’s unexpected and exotic for a Tex-Mex fast-food joint to be run by someone from the other side of the planet. Now another fast-food company has a chief executive from elsewhere in the Anglophone world: the incoming CEO of McDonald’s, Steve Easterbrook, is British. [More]

Ever had a CEO cook breakfast for you?

McDonald’s CEO Will Step Down March 1, Mayor McCheese Not Named Successor

McDonald’s announced that its CEO Don Thompson, who is not to be confused with Ron Johnson, will retire from the position as of March 1st. The current senior executive vice president and chief brand officer will take over, but what will it take for the brand to win over franchisees and younger Americans? [More]

Eggs destined for McDonald's.

Why Is The Egg In A McMuffin Round (And Is It Even A Real Egg?)

In its latest installment of, “Don’t be freaked out by our food” videos, McDonald’s is taking on the question of whether or not it uses real eggs. Because if you’ve ever wondered or heard that the egg in a McMuffin is round because it was sliced off some kind of mechanically formed roll of egg-like stuff, you’re not alone. [More]


Fired McDonald’s Employees Say They Were Told “Too Many Black People” Working There

A new federal lawsuit filed against McDonald’s and a franchisee for the eatery alleges that more than a dozen black employees were fired simultaneously because they supposedly did not fit into the color palette desired by their employer. [More]

What Do McDonald’s Franchisees Want To Cut From The Menu?


While many McDonald’s customers were worrying needlessly that the chain would be cutting the Big Mac and its apple pie from the menu, there are going to be some menu changes coming this year as the chain seeks to simplify its offerings. So what did franchisees say they’d cut when asked? [More]

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McDonald’s And Cargill Say They Didn’t Put Plastic In Japanese McNugget

Things aren’t going well at McDonald’s Japan recently. From the incident where a human tooth turned up in a customer’s food to the shards of plastic found in nuggets and ice cream to the French fry shortage that caused the chain to airlift a metric ton of fries into the country, it’s not surprising that consumers are staying away. Now there’s news about that nugget incident that blames either McDonald’s or the customer for the plastic nugget incident. [More]

McDonald’s “Signs” Commercial: Heartwarming Message Or Crass Cash-In?

McDonald’s “Signs” Commercial: Heartwarming Message Or Crass Cash-In?

Over the weekend, McDonald’s extended its latest “lovin'” campaign with a new ad featuring a series of McDonald’s restaurant signs bearing messages about everything from natural disasters to the Boston Marathon killings to birthday greetings. Some viewers had their hearts warmed by the reminders that local fast food franchises can spread messages of more than just Happy Meals, while other viewers were less won-over, viewing the ad as a crass way for McDonald’s to attach itself to national tragedies. [More]

Burger King Brings Back 15-Cent Chicken Nuggets In Price War With McDonald’s

Burger King Brings Back 15-Cent Chicken Nuggets In Price War With McDonald’s

If you have a massive craving for chicken nuggets, great news out of your local fast-food outlets: the nugget price wars have begun. Kind of. After McDonald’s launched its inexplicable deal featuring a box of 50 nuggets for $9.99, Burger King has fired back, offering the more reasonable quantity of ten nuggets for $1.49. It’s all about attracting foot traffic as fast-food outlets try to get American consumers to come back. [More]

McDonald’s Airlifts Fries Into Japan, Another Report Of ‘Dental Material’ In Food

McDonald’s Airlifts Fries Into Japan, Another Report Of ‘Dental Material’ In Food

Sales are way down at McDonald’s restaurants in Japan, and the continuing French fry shortage isn’t the reason. The public has been understandably freaked out to learn that customers have found plastic pieces and a human tooth in their food recently, and now there’s a report that a diner found crunchy pieces in her burger later found to be the white resin-like material used to fill cavities. [More]

Venezuela Is Not Coping Well With McDonald’s French Fry Shortage

Venezuela Is Not Coping Well With McDonald’s French Fry Shortage

Japan isn’t the only country coping with a shortage of French fries in their McDonald’s restaurants right now. In Japan, restaurants are limiting quantities of fries for sale, but Venezuela isn’t coping with a McDonald’s fry shortage in that country very well. [More]

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McDonald’s Japan Serves Up Food Containing Plastic Shards, Human Teeth

Here in the United States, McDonald’s is busy assuring us that their chicken nuggets are definitely made out of chicken. Over in Japan, the company has a different challenge: assuring the public that their food does not contain pieces of vinyl or human teeth. That’s in addition to the ongoing fry shortage due to a potato shortage in Japan. [More]

McDonald’s Just Wants You To Love Them Again

McDonald’s Just Wants You To Love Them Again

What brings even the worst of archenemies together? If we’re to believe a delightful new ad from McDonald’s, ancient enemies can put aside their differences over a tasty, familiar meal from the fast-food empire. Is that true? We’re not sure, but what McDonald’s wants is to spread the love, and for that love to maybe flow back to McDonald’s as well. [More]