Fired McDonald’s Employees Say They Were Told “Too Many Black People” Working There

A new federal lawsuit filed against McDonald’s and a franchisee for the eatery alleges that more than a dozen black employees were fired simultaneously because they supposedly did not fit into the color palette desired by their employer. [More]

What Do McDonald’s Franchisees Want To Cut From The Menu?


While many McDonald’s customers were worrying needlessly that the chain would be cutting the Big Mac and its apple pie from the menu, there are going to be some menu changes coming this year as the chain seeks to simplify its offerings. So what did franchisees say they’d cut when asked? [More]

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McDonald’s And Cargill Say They Didn’t Put Plastic In Japanese McNugget

Things aren’t going well at McDonald’s Japan recently. From the incident where a human tooth turned up in a customer’s food to the shards of plastic found in nuggets and ice cream to the French fry shortage that caused the chain to airlift a metric ton of fries into the country, it’s not surprising that consumers are staying away. Now there’s news about that nugget incident that blames either McDonald’s or the customer for the plastic nugget incident. [More]

McDonald’s “Signs” Commercial: Heartwarming Message Or Crass Cash-In?

McDonald’s “Signs” Commercial: Heartwarming Message Or Crass Cash-In?

Over the weekend, McDonald’s extended its latest “lovin'” campaign with a new ad featuring a series of McDonald’s restaurant signs bearing messages about everything from natural disasters to the Boston Marathon killings to birthday greetings. Some viewers had their hearts warmed by the reminders that local fast food franchises can spread messages of more than just Happy Meals, while other viewers were less won-over, viewing the ad as a crass way for McDonald’s to attach itself to national tragedies. [More]

Burger King Brings Back 15-Cent Chicken Nuggets In Price War With McDonald’s

Burger King Brings Back 15-Cent Chicken Nuggets In Price War With McDonald’s

If you have a massive craving for chicken nuggets, great news out of your local fast-food outlets: the nugget price wars have begun. Kind of. After McDonald’s launched its inexplicable deal featuring a box of 50 nuggets for $9.99, Burger King has fired back, offering the more reasonable quantity of ten nuggets for $1.49. It’s all about attracting foot traffic as fast-food outlets try to get American consumers to come back. [More]

McDonald’s Airlifts Fries Into Japan, Another Report Of ‘Dental Material’ In Food

McDonald’s Airlifts Fries Into Japan, Another Report Of ‘Dental Material’ In Food

Sales are way down at McDonald’s restaurants in Japan, and the continuing French fry shortage isn’t the reason. The public has been understandably freaked out to learn that customers have found plastic pieces and a human tooth in their food recently, and now there’s a report that a diner found crunchy pieces in her burger later found to be the white resin-like material used to fill cavities. [More]

Venezuela Is Not Coping Well With McDonald’s French Fry Shortage

Venezuela Is Not Coping Well With McDonald’s French Fry Shortage

Japan isn’t the only country coping with a shortage of French fries in their McDonald’s restaurants right now. In Japan, restaurants are limiting quantities of fries for sale, but Venezuela isn’t coping with a McDonald’s fry shortage in that country very well. [More]

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McDonald’s Japan Serves Up Food Containing Plastic Shards, Human Teeth

Here in the United States, McDonald’s is busy assuring us that their chicken nuggets are definitely made out of chicken. Over in Japan, the company has a different challenge: assuring the public that their food does not contain pieces of vinyl or human teeth. That’s in addition to the ongoing fry shortage due to a potato shortage in Japan. [More]

McDonald’s Just Wants You To Love Them Again

McDonald’s Just Wants You To Love Them Again

What brings even the worst of archenemies together? If we’re to believe a delightful new ad from McDonald’s, ancient enemies can put aside their differences over a tasty, familiar meal from the fast-food empire. Is that true? We’re not sure, but what McDonald’s wants is to spread the love, and for that love to maybe flow back to McDonald’s as well. [More]

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McDonald’s Keeps Its Name Off Its New Healthier-Food Eatery

The McDonald’s brand — with its distinctive color scheme, yellow arches, and the use of “Mc” before just about anything it offers — is one of the world’s most well-known. Even people who’ve never had a Big Mac or asked which part of the chicken a McNugget comes from are still aware of the company and its food. Given the power of that brand, you’d expect the company to slap the McDonald’s name on every new venture, but it’s curiously absent from a recently launched eatery from the company. [More]

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Was McDonald’s Right To Refuse Service To Diabetic Walk-Up Customer At Drive-Thru?

While we understand why a fast food place would only serve late-night customers through the drive-thru window, we’ve never quite understood why these eateries refuse to serve customers who pop by on foot or on bikes. Someone else who doesn’t get this policy is the diabetic man who claims that McDonald’s workers shrugged off his concerns of an impending hypoglycemic attack and refused to serve him because he wasn’t driving. [More]

The real McDonald's Twitter account is having to deal with the fallout of the faked Tweet declaring the death of the Big Mac.

For The Love Of God, McDonald’s Is Not Getting Rid Of The Big Mac Or Apple Pie

You’ve probably seen your Facebook news feed overrun in recent days with people bemoaning the death of the McDonald’s Big Mac and apple pie. But there’s no need to start a petition or put on mourning garb, it’s just another hoax. [More]

DudeFoods presents: The Big McRib.

The Big McRib Is The Secret Menu Item McDonald’s Should Think About Offering

For years, McDonald’s franchisees have been complaining about an abundance of limited time offerings that use ingredients alien to the rest of the menu. But here’s an idea that some believe could invigorate the Golden Arches’ sagging sales without having to worry about millions of unsold frozen chicken wings. [More]


NLRB: McDonald’s Retaliation Against Workers Who Participated In Protests Violates Their Rights

McDonald’s and some of its franchisees retaliated against workers who participated in protests and other demonstrations over hours and working conditions, the National Labor Relations Board said today, in announcing several complaints it filed accusing the fast-food chain of violating workers’ rights with “discriminatory discipline.” [More]

Aspiring McDonald’s Customer Falls Asleep In Drive-Thru, Arrested For Drunken Driving

Aspiring McDonald’s Customer Falls Asleep In Drive-Thru, Arrested For Drunken Driving

The woman in line at the drive-thru at a McDonald’s near Cleveland simply wanted to order some fast food and be on her way. Presumably that’s what she wanted, anyway: she was in the drive-thru line. Restaurant employees called police when she was unable to order due to slurred speech, then fell asleep at the wheel, blocking the drive-thru. [More]


Why Does McDonald’s Have Such A Hard Time Wooing Millennials?

Does McDonald’s need to try to change the world to win back its customers? Mickey D’s, still reeling from reporting its steepest monthly sales decline in 14 years, has been reaching out to ad agencies and media companies looking for advice on what kind of charitable partnership it can work up to help it connect better with its customers (specifically “millennials”), the Wall Street Journal reports, citing sources familiar with the matter.



McDonald’s Customers In Japan Can Only Order Small Orders Of Fries Due To Potato Shortage

The next time you pull up to a McDonald’s drive-thru window and order a large serving of French fries, drop one on the ground for our comrades in Japan, where customers can only get small orders of fries right now. What fresh hell is this? [More]


McDonald’s Cutting 8 Menu Items Next Year And Narrowing Down Value Meal Options From 16 To 11

While McDonald’s customers will soon be getting the option to build their own burgers, the fast food chain’s menu is going to be shrinking a bit despite that new feature. Eight items will be hacked from the menu starting in January, and the extra value meal menu will be narrowed down from the 16 current options to 11 combinations. [More]