Got Lipstick? There's Probably Some Lead In It

Got Lipstick? There's Probably Some Lead In It

Back in 2007, the Food & Drug Administration did a small sample test on 33 lipsticks and found varying levels of lead in two-thirds of them. As a follow-up, the FDA requested testing of a significantly larger sampling and has now announced that it found at least trace amounts of lead in 400 varieties. [More]

UK Bans Ad Featuring Julia Roberts' Overly Photoshopped Face

While we can definitely say that 43-year-old Julia Roberts still looks pretty darn good, it’s safe to say that no one on this planet, regardless of age, has the flawless glow of the woman pictured in the Lancome ad seen here. In fact, the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority found the retouching work on this ad, and others, so misleading that it has banned them. [More]