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Washington State’s Pot Industry Gets High Taxes With Newly Approved Rules

After almost a year of researching marijuana and how to go about selling it legally, Washington state adopted rules yesterday for the recreational sale of pot, and everyone is watching. Well, everyone who’s interested in how to go about doing something similar in their home state or country. [More]

Denver Law Would Make It Illegal To Smoke Pot If Others Can Smell It

Denver Law Would Make It Illegal To Smoke Pot If Others Can Smell It

Even though legal retail marijuana sales will begin in January in Denver, city officials are doing their best to preemptively rein in pot use with a new proposed law that would, among other restrictions, make it illegal to smoke pot if your neighbors can smell it. [More]

Will Bank Of America Balk At Taking Washington State’s Marijuana Money?

Will Bank Of America Balk At Taking Washington State’s Marijuana Money?

We’ve already written about how owners of legitimate marijuana businesses are being forced to pay their taxes in cash because federally insured banks are unwilling to let them open bank accounts. These payments then pose a problem for the state, which has to worry about finding a place to deposit the tax revenue. [More]

Just Say No… To Marijuana Stock Scams

Just Say No… To Marijuana Stock Scams

Look, we know that all the cool kids in the neighborhood have tried it, and some swear that it’s just the bee’s knees, but before you get lured into a mistake that will leave you penniless and regretful, you should learn to just say no to investing in scammy marijuana stocks. [More]

This Gun Safe Came With 285 Pounds Of Free Pot

This Gun Safe Came With 285 Pounds Of Free Pot

Buy a large gun safe, get ten free bales of Mexican bud? That’s an appealing and potentially very lucrative promotion, but wasn’t an actual thing. Authorities are still trying to figure out who put 285 pounds of marijuana in a $1,700 gun safe that was shipped from Mexico to a customer in Ohio. They believe the customer that he didn’t order it, namely because he was the one who reported the shipment to police. [More]


Seattle Law Enforcement Going On Doritos Duty At This Year’s Pot Fest

Now that marijuana is legal in the state of Washington, the role of police at Seattle’s yearly Hempfest is changing just a teeny bit. While in the past, enforcing laws against pot smoking were already a low priority, police will be protecting and serving — Doritos. They’ll be serving chips. The munchies situation must be dire at this festival.  [More]

When You Receive 11 Pounds Of Marijuana You Didn’t Order, You Should Probably Tell Someone

When You Receive 11 Pounds Of Marijuana You Didn’t Order, You Should Probably Tell Someone

We’ve gone over this in the past: if you receive a package in the mail that you didn’t order, it’s yours to keep. You’re under no obligation to send it back or to pay for it. Things are a little different, though, when you receive something illegal on your doorstep. Say, eleven pounds of marijuana. [More]

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Seattle Butcher Taking Advantage Of Legal Marijuana By Feeding It To His Pigs

When pigs fly, are they stoned? Or rather, are the pigs raised by one Seattle butcher feeling the effects of THC after eating leftover bits of marijuana plants? Probably not, but the butcher is all about trying out something new just for the heck of it. And now that marijuana is legal in the state of Washington, pot’s going into the trough. [More]

Subtlety? Washington doesn't need no stinkin' subtlety.

Your Teenage Neighbor Is Totally Going To Slap Washington State’s Official Pot Label On His Car

Now that marijuana is legal in Washington state, officials there are working hard to make sure this whole thing goes off without a hitch. That means branding, of course, hence the new green (natch!) label that authorities say will have to adorn every package of legal pot. And of course, it’ll surely make the rounds of music festival-bound vehicles, guitar cases and your teenage neighbor’s car bumper. [More]


Marijuana Shop Owners Paying Taxes In Cash Because Banks Can’t Take Their Money

Marijuana may be legal and taxed in Colorado, but the federal government still considers anyone who sells it to be a drug dealer and won’t allow banks to offer accounts to these businesses. So how is a legal businessman supposed to pay those sales tax to the state? [More]

Sorry, Colorado: No Pot-Infused Twinkies For You

Sorry, Colorado: No Pot-Infused Twinkies For You

Bad news, entrepreneurs: you won’t be able to infuse the cream filling in your massive Twinkie hoard with THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, and sell them to the general public. It’s nothing specifically against Twinkies, but a rule made as part of Colorado’s new regulations that will govern the sale of not-quite-federally-legal marijuana products in that state. [More]

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You Probably Won’t Be Able To Buy Marijuana With A Credit Card Anytime Soon

Now that marijuana is legal in small amounts in Washington and Colorado, officials in those state are having a heckuva time figuring out how to regulate those businesses and collect taxes on their daily doings. But even with the approval of state governments, there’s still the tricky question of how these establishments will be able to do their business — in other words, will customers be able to pay with cash, check or credit? [More]


Medical Marijuana Pill Could Mean Grandma Won’t Need To Borrow Grandson’s Bong

While it might make you giggle to think about grandmas smoking medical marijuana out of bongs or rolling joints, the reality is that many medical marijuana users have no way to get their treatment without inhaling the stuff. But new research into a marijuana pill and its effectiveness in alleviating pain could change all that — especially if your state is trying to outlaw bongs. [More]


Washington Officials: Just Because Pot Is Legal, You Can’t Light Up Anywhere You Want

Listen, Washington residents. We’re sure some of you are pretty darn excited now that marijuana is on the up-and-up in your state, but that doesn’t mean you can just drag your pipes and vaporizers out of the closet and into the local watering hole. There are still rules that need to be set up governing such things, and the state’s Liquor Control Board says some bar patrons are getting ahead of themselves. [More]

Trying To Pay Your Cab Fare With Marijuana Will Probably Not Go Over Well

Trying To Pay Your Cab Fare With Marijuana Will Probably Not Go Over Well

Many people who have taken taxis regularly enough have had to face that dreaded moment when you realize you don’t have enough cash — or you lost your wallet — and you won’t be able to pay the fare. There are ways to handle this, but offering the driver marijuana as barter is probably not the best idea. [More]


Law Would Make Bongs, Other Devices, Illegal In Florida

In some states, there is a wink-wink acknowledgement between law enforcement and stores that sell bongs and other devices that could (and sometimes are) used to smoke tobacco and other legal products, but which are primarily used for smoking pot. A bill being considered by Florida legislators would put an end to this friendly arrangement by outlawing the sale of such devices. [More]

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Such A Thing As A Pot Vending Machine Exists, Might Be Heading To Colorado & Washington

Now that Colorado and Washington have legalized marijuana for recreational use, businesses are clamoring to get a piece of the action, and coming up with some entertaining ways to do it. For example, a pot vending machine already exists for medical use, so why not introduce the same kind of devices for anyone in those states looking to buy some legal bud? One company is working on adapting its vending machines for just that purpose. [More]


College Students Who Voted To Legalize Marijuana Likely Won’t Be Able To Smoke It On Campus

Unless you’ve buried your head in the sand like the proverbial ostrich, you’ve probably heard that Washington and Colorado recently voted to legalize marijuana in their prospective states. But just like those new rules governing cannabis use won’t go into effect right away, there’s another major buzz kill for fans of the green stuff — namely, those same college students that likely helped the vote succeed won’t be allowed to smoke it on campus.  [More]