Trader Joe's Redefines Organic, Puts Glass in Your Sorbet

Trader Joe's Redefines Organic, Puts Glass in Your Sorbet

Specialty store Trader Joe’s is very common with the college hipster crowd; decent prices, organic foods, and the ever-drinkable Two Buck Chuck. For tipster Gil’s sake, they better have some organic band-aids and DIY Surgery kits — at least one of their products comes with a shard of all-natural glass. Full letter after the fold.

Femi-Nazi Bookworm Chainsaw Rip-Off Party!

Cheryl is a sexy wench, and we don’t think she’d mind us saying so. After all, cool is sexy, and Cheryl immediately identifies herself as a girl who prefers books in which girl are chainsawed to death than ones where “single women drink chardonnay and moan about men.” Hey, us too!