Google Expands “Safe Browsing” App To Warn Users About Sites Riddled With Unwanted Software

Google Expands “Safe Browsing” App To Warn Users About Sites Riddled With Unwanted Software

First of all, we’d like to offer a belated Happy Birthday to the World Wide Web, which turned 26 yesterday. You’re closer to 30 than 20 now, so your hangovers will only get worse. Second, to honor that milestone, Google announced updates to its Safe Browsing technology, including a warning when users are about to visit a site chockfull of unwanted software. [More]

An email supposedly from  Pizza Hut actually contains malware.

Fake Pizza Hut Anniversary Email Won’t Give You Free Pizza, Just Malware

Emails for free pizza might be few and far between, so when one shows up in your inbox you might be tempted to ditch those dinner plans for a few cheesy slices. But even the promise of free pizzas can be too good to be true, that was certainly the case this week when an email purported to be from Pizza Hut didn’t end in free pizza, but dangerous malware. [More]

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Ice Cream Hack: Dairy Queen, Orange Julius Latest Companies Hit By A Data Breach

A trip to the local Dairy Queen usually ends in a tasty, cool treat, but customers are nearly 400 stores it ended with a decidedly less delicious surprise: A security breach. [More]


UPS: Hackers Hit Computer Systems At 51 Retail Stores, Possibly Exposing Customer Info

Did I bump my head and wake up in late 2013? Because it sure feels like deja vu with a slew of recent data breaches: Joining P.F. Chang’s, a group of supermarket chains and Community Health Systems in this month’s data breach roll call is United Parcel Service, which says 51 of its retail store locations had their computer systems hacked. [More]

Secret Service Warns Against Keylogging Malware At Hotel Business Centers

Secret Service Warns Against Keylogging Malware At Hotel Business Centers

Here’s one that should be added to the earlier list of possible hotel scams. The U.S. Secret Service has sent out a warning to hotel operators, asking them to check shared computers in their business centers for malware that can log keystrokes and steal sensitive information from users. [More]


New Malware Activated By Text Message Makes ATMs Start Spitting Cash

Let’s not pretend that the sight of an ATM spewing cash out of its mouth like it hit the oil can just a little too hard last night isn’t something we’ve all dreamed of, though knowing full well that we’d never steal in real life. But it’s far from a dream for cybercriminals who have figured out how to trigger malware infections that get ATMs to spit cash just by sending a text message. [More]

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Mobile Ads Overtake Porn As Most Likely Way To Get Malware On Your Phone

While malware dressed in pornography’s clothing used to be the most tempting for smartphone users, it’s been overtaken recently by mobile ads, says one online security company in its latest report. Which means that either our big clumsy figures are accidentally hitting things or we’d rather look at ads than naked body parts. [More]

Scam E-Mail Lying About Friend’s Death Brings World Of Grief For Guy Who Clicked

Scam E-Mail Lying About Friend’s Death Brings World Of Grief For Guy Who Clicked

It can be a real shock to hear about the sudden death of someone you know. So shocking that you might let your guard down and immediately seek more information. That’s what some fraudsters are counting on. They send you an e-mail entitled “Passing Of Your Friend” that looks like a legit notice from a funeral home, but is neither. [More]

Click On The Link In That ‘Funeral Notice’ E-mail At Your Own Risk

Click On The Link In That ‘Funeral Notice’ E-mail At Your Own Risk

Most e-mail scams try to take advantage of consumers’ curiosity, which is why phishing messages promising sex and/or porn still dominate the scam spam landscape. But some online jerks are trying to tap into an equally primal, but less crude, instinct by sending out fake funeral notices in the hope that people won’t be able to keep themselves from clicking away. [More]

Homeland Security Warns Retailers About Malware Used In Target Hack

Homeland Security Warns Retailers About Malware Used In Target Hack

While you might imagine other big retailers sitting back and having a good ol’ chuckle at the expense of Target, the reality is more like they’re all shaking in their boots. Because if a massive data breach could hit Target, it could happen to any merchant (and probably will hit more). The government wants retailers to be ready, and has released a bunch of information about the methods used in the attack to prepare them. [More]


Clicking On Shady Links To Download Apps Is A Super Easy Way To Get Your Phone Hacked

Listen, it’s not like we’re trying to be nags, here. It’s just that it is so very easy for n’er-do-wells to hack into your private life and we want to make sure you’re safe and sound. We’re not the only ones to drive home this point, as one security expert shows with a simple hack he made that looks like an app but is really an insidious, spying piece of malware. [More]


Someone Is Watching You Pick Your Nose Via Webcam & Sharing Photos With Fellow Creepers

In today’s world of constant Internet connections and online communities dedicated to anything and everything and how to do it, it isn’t just obsessed exes and the neighborhood peeping Tom we have to worry about. Now there are ratters, so-named after the Remote Administration Tool some hackers use to spy on strangers. [More]

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Has Your Phone Or Tablet Ever Been Hacked Or Hit With Malware? Tell Us About It

We’ve crossed the Rubicon and there’s no going back. Smartphones are not only here to stay, they’re being integrated into just about every possible aspect of a consumer’s daily life. But that consolidation and integration only increases the temptation for some crafty folks to hack these devices. [More]


Watching Porn On A Smartphone Can Triple Your Chances Of Downloading Malware

Despite the ease of being entertained anywhere that comes with owning a smartphone, only about 1% of all mobile traffic is pornography — after all, maybe you don’t want that grandmother next to you on the bus to see you watching. But a new study says that for those people who do indulge on their devices, they’re putting their phones at a high risk of catching something unhealthy. And by that we mean malware, of course. [More]

Kaspersky says these Android apps contain malware that could also infect your PC.

Great… Now There’s Android Malware That Can Infect Your PC & Turn It Into A Listening Device

In general, the malware relationship between PCs and mobile devices has been a one-way street, with infected computers passing on their digital disease to their mobile mates. But now come reports of at least two infected Android apps whose malware heads in the other direction. [More]


Are PC Cleanup Apps Scaring Customers Into Paying For Basically Useless Services?

If you’ve ever been up late at night watching TV, odds are you’ve seen those commercials where exasperated PC users just can’t wrangle their computers into submission. Error screens! Frustrating download times! The worst. Who can save you from such a fate? Any of the various PC cleanup applications hawked on TV and the Internet. But can they really, or are we just getting scared into coughing up fees for useless services? [More]

Detect Hardware Trojans With "Singing Rings"

Detect Hardware Trojans With "Singing Rings"

Researchers have proposed a new method for detecting trojan viruses embedded into hardware chips by using voltage detectors that “sing out” in a different frequency when they’re used on a tampered circuit. [More]

Fake iPhone 5 Emails Bear Malware

Fake iPhone 5 Emails Bear Malware

On the cusp of a big Apple event today where a new iPhone is expected to be announced, fake emails are going around purporting to give details of “the new Apple iPhone5GS,” featuring a see-through keyboard. Clicking on the links leads to a malware-laced website that targets PCs. Here’s the email and what to look out for. [More]