Pizza Shop Customer Sends Owner Letter Apologizing For Writing Bad Check In 2002, Encloses Money Order

While there are many bad consumers in the world, there are also those out there who recognize they haven’t done the right thing, and seek to make amends, even if it’s years later. That’s how it went down for a pizza shop owner who was surprised to find a letter in the mail from a customer who’d written a bad check in 2002 — and enclosed a money order to make up for it. [More]

(James M. Childs)

Dealership Publicly Shamed Into Replacing $55K Camaro Wrecked By Joyriding Employee

Yesterday many of us were bummed out by hearing that it’s perfectly legal for a repair shop employee to take a customer’s car for a joyride. And if the car gets wrecked in the process, well, there’s not much police can do. Which is why it’s heartening to hear that a man whose $55,000 Camaro was wrecked during a dealership worker’s joyride is getting his car replaced… after the dealership had a good dose of public shaming.  [More]

Jawbone Offering Full Refunds For Defective UP Wristbands

Jawbone Offering Full Refunds For Defective UP Wristbands

In a move to placate dissatisfied customers, Jawbone is offering refunds on their highly hyped UP wristbands, with no questions asked. The devices are supposed to monitor sleep and exercise patterns of the wearer, but many users reported problems with battery life and its ability to sync with phones and computers. [More]