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Microsoft Decides To Try This Whole Windows 8 Thing Again With A Few Tweaks

When something doesn’t go quite right the first time, what’s a ginormous technology company supposed to do? Why, just slap a couple of coats of paint on the ill-received Windows 8, fluff it up a bit and send it right back out on stage. Microsoft is reportedly tweaking its most recent iteration of Windows because customers have been complaining of confusion, and PCs aren’t selling so well. [More]

Saks To Close Tween Makeover Paradise "Club Libby Lu"

Saks To Close Tween Makeover Paradise "Club Libby Lu"

Saks has announced that they will be closing Club Libby Lu, an unprofitable tween-girls “makeover” chain that apparently exists. For $25-$40 girls could paint themselves with temporary tattoos, make bracelets and get a “Club Libby Du.” (We think that last thing is a hairstyle. At least, we’re hoping that it is.)


Stop & Shop is getting a makeover. The new logo features “a yellow bowl with three colorful halves that can be interpreted as bowls of fruit, bread or ingredients, the company’s spokesperson said.” She also said that the new logo “shows customers that we’re making changes and committed to providing great food and meal solutions at low prices everyday.” Meal solutions! Alright! That sounds delicious! [Boston Globe]