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Macy’s Opens A Bargainless Basement Store Targeting Millennials

Filene’s Basement started its existence as the literal basement of the Filene’s department store, with fewer amenities but lower prices. Now the Filene’s Basement brand is back (online) and Macy’s is trying out a basement concept of its own, but it’s not for bargain-hunters. It’s for the younger half of the Millennial generation, who are currently in high school or in their twenties. [More]

Using Only His Phone, Man Scams 217 Macy’s Stores Into Issuing Fraudulent Refunds

Using Only His Phone, Man Scams 217 Macy’s Stores Into Issuing Fraudulent Refunds

If you plan to go on a scamming spree, you probably shouldn’t use your actual email address when completing the transactions. That was ultimately the undoing for a Georgia man who federal authorities say duped more than 200 Macy’s stores in 31 states into issuing fraudulent refunds — and all without having to drive to the mall. [More]

Macy’s Customers Will Now Be Able To Use PayPal At The Register

Macy’s Customers Will Now Be Able To Use PayPal At The Register

At one time, PayPal was the method of payment preferred by people sending money to their friends or making a quick purchase online. Now, the payment company has upped its game – and its presence in physical stores – by inking a deal that will allow Macy’s customers to use Paypal at the register. [More]

Macy’s To Close Dozens Of Stores In Early 2016

Macy’s To Close Dozens Of Stores In Early 2016

Just hours after Macy’s announced it would begin selling consumer electronics through Best Buy outlets in some of its stores starting this fall, the company announced it would also shutter dozens of underperforming locations beginning next year. [More]

Macy’s Teams Up With Best Buy To Sell Electronics In Some Stores

Macy’s Teams Up With Best Buy To Sell Electronics In Some Stores

Shoppers heading to Macy’s generally plan to update the items hanging in their closets, not the electronics littering their living rooms. But that could soon be changing, as the department store plans to house Best Buy outlets in several locations starting this fall. [More]

Macy’s Hopes Tablets & Dressing Room Deliveries Will Speed Up Your Shopping Time

Macy’s Hopes Tablets & Dressing Room Deliveries Will Speed Up Your Shopping Time

Looking for a new outfit? You’ve got two options: Quickly buy online and hope what you purchase fits (and looks good on you), or go to the store and spend time scouring racks before trying things on to see if they fit and flatter. In an attempt to mesh the convenience of online shopping with the confidence of buying after trying, Macy’s is revamping its dressing rooms for the current generation of shopper.

Macy’s, Bloomingdales Expand Same-Day Delivery Service To Nine Markets

Nearly a year after Macy’s and Bloomingdales began a pilot program offering same-day delivery of certain items for a $5 fee in eight markets around the country, the companies have expanded the service to nine other locations. Markets added to the program include Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Honolulu, Las Vegas, Miami/Fort Lauderdale, New York City/Western Long Island, Orange County, CA, and Philadelphia. However, availability for delivery – which is provided by Deliv – varies depending on what stores are located in the area. For example, Dallas and Las Vegas only offer delivery from Macy’s stores, not Bloomingdales. [via Macy’s]


Amazon’s Apparel Sales Could Surpass Macy’s By 2017

While Amazon used to be the site where you bought affordable books, CDs, DVDs, and electronics, the online retailer is quickly gaining ground as a seller of designer apparel and accessories. [More]

A coalition of companies - led by Starbucks - have vowed to put nearly 100,000 consumers ages 16 to 24 to work over the next three years.

Starbucks, 17 Other Companies Partner To Provide “Opportunity Youth” With Jobs, Internships

Teaching young adults responsibility — and showing them that responsibility can have financial benefits — pays off in the long run by cultivating a solid work ethic. That’s the thinking behind a new multi-company initiative spearheaded by Starbucks. [More]

Macy’s Dumps Trump Over Controverial Comments, He Says It Was His Idea

Macy’s Dumps Trump Over Controverial Comments, He Says It Was His Idea

What do a southern chef, the owner of a professional basketball team and a candidate in the 2016 presidential election have in common? They’ve all been ditched by brands, retailers and other companies after being accused of making racist comments. The latest addition to the list comes as Macy’s announced it would sever its decades-long relationship with businessman Donald Trump. [More]

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Macy’s Customer Accused Of Biting Employee Over Price Dispute

When you have a question about the price tag on a department store item, you should raise your concerns with store employees. You should not yell at them or curse them out, and you should definitely not become violent. A Macy’s customer in California was arrested after she allegedly did all of those things, then bit a loss prevention officer on the leg during a price dispute. [More]

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Tuxedo Rentals Are Down Because Of Fewer, Less Formal Weddings

The number of weddings relative to the U.S. population is the lowest it’s been since World War I, and tuxedo-rental shops like Men’s Wearhouse are seeing a decrease in their business. They blame demographic patterns, changes in wedding fashion, and changes in the formalwear rental business as a whole for the decrease, and see the trend continuing for now. [More]

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Macy’s To Launch Quartet Of “Off-Price” (AKA Discount) Stores This Fall

Earlier this year, Macy’s said it was going to dip its toes into the waters of discount retailing by creating some sort of off-price offshoot of its department store chain. Today, the retailer confirmed some details about the first four locations for the store it has dubbed Macy’s Backstage. [More]


Belk Department Stores Thinking Of Flirting With Suitors Like Nordstrom, Macy’s

Belk Department Stores, the largest family-owned and operated department store chain in the United States, with 300 stores in 16 states in the South, is reportedly considering hooking up with potential suitors, including Macy’s and Nordstrom. [More]

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Macy’s CFO: Sales Are Sluggish Because Women Don’t Want To Put Makeup On To Shop There

You there, with the bare lips and the TJ Maxx bag binge-watching Scandal online: Did you decide to skip Macy’s and head to an off-price store because you just couldn’t bear to tear yourself away from Netflix and put your face on that day? Macy’s CFO seems to think an aversion to lipstick and millennials’ love of digital content (among other things) is funneling customers away in favor of off-price stores and online shopping, leading to sagging sales. [More]

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American Express Partners With Macy’s, Exxon Mobil & Others For Coalition Loyalty Program

Forget about Costco, American Express seems to have moved on from being dumped by the warehouse club, announcing its partnership with a plethora of retailers and companies for a new venture: a coalition loyalty program. [More]

Northland Center - the nation's oldest shopping mall - is set to close. (Google Street View)

Detroit-Area Shopping Center Goes From Nation’s Oldest Mall To Nation’s Newest Dead Mall

If you spend much time on Consumerist, then you’re probably aware of the current sad state of the world’s malls; from the former largest mall in the world being demolished to those full of fish or snow covered, it isn’t exactly a pretty picture. Today, we learn that another historic shopping center will soon trade in its purported title as the nation’s first regional shopping mall for that of the latest “dead mall.” [More]

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Macy’s Decides To Grow By Targeting Bargain-Hunters

How does a department store company grow when department stores, as a category, are not doing so well? They have to go where customers are, and in general where customers are headed is “downmarket.” Looking at the success that its competitors have had with stores aimed at “aspirational shoppers” with thinner wallets, Macy’s is expanding into the discount brand-name model that you can find at chains like Nordstrom Rack and Off Fifth. [More]