(Crater of Diamonds State Park)

Teen Sells 3.85-Carat Yellow Diamond She Found At Gem Park For $20,000

First of all, before we get into money talk, color me flabbergasted by the fact that there’s a park where apparently you can find free gems, take them home at your leisure and then sell them. Crater of Diamonds State Park exists, and it’s made one 14-year-old girl way richer than most kids her age. [More]


Scrap Metal Dealer Finds Rare Russian Imperial Faberge Easter Egg At A Flea Market

While you don’t have to deal in metals to know that if something glitters, it just might be gold, a scrap metal dealer with an eye for valuable stuff picked up something at a flea market that turned out to be worth even more than he could’ve hoped for. That’s because it was one of eight missing Russian Imperial Faberge eggs. [More]