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More Than 40% Of All Lucky Charms Cereal Eaten By Adults

Back in January, venerable sugary-cereal brand Lucky Charms launched a new ad campaign aimed at a novel demographic: adults. Adults? Don’t grown-ups eat cereals filled with wheat bran and nuts and dried fruit? Well… no. [More]


Lucky Charms Wants To Remind Adults Of Their Sugary Sweet Childhoods

In case all the recent Twinkie talk hasn’t been enough to turn your thoughts to a youth spent gorging on sugary snacks without a care, General Mills is hoping you’ll want to ride a sweet wave of nostalgia back to a past where breakfast included a rainbow of rock-hard marshmallows in your bowl of Lucky Charms. [More]

Lucky Charms Is Promising More Than It Can Deliver

Lucky Charms Is Promising More Than It Can Deliver

Reader Jon thinks General Mills is overly optimistic about the efficacy of Lucky Charms‘ newest feature.