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Airline Performance Slips; Virgin America Named No. 1 For Third Time In Annual Airline Survey

Many consumers have a love-hate relationship with airlines: We love that they get us from point A to point B faster than a car, but we hate all the little fees, the inevitable delays and the occasional lost bag. It looks like all that hate once again won out, as this year’s Airline Quality Rating Survey found performance declined across all customer-focused categories just a year after the industry’s best scores in 25 years. The only carryover from the hopeful 2013 report was Virgin America’s ranking as top airline for the third consecutive year.  [More]


American Airlines Baggage Delivery Receipt Calls Couple ‘Deaf And Dumb’

It’s hard to imagine anything that could sour the vacation-high experienced after a beautiful, relaxing trip to Hawaii. Lost luggage? No big deal, we’ll patiently wait for it. But a hurtful, insensitive note attached to said luggage when it returns? That’s grounds to never use the airline again says a deaf Houston couple. [More]

United To Reps: “Delayed Their Flight? Lost Their Baggage? Lie to Them.”

United To Reps: “Delayed Their Flight? Lost Their Baggage? Lie to Them.”

Outside of a small child incessantly kicking the back of your seat and being powerless to reach around and slug him, there’s few things more frustrating in travel than flight delays and lost baggage. No one really likes flying… it’s a slightly filthy, slightly scary, rather expensive cattle car experience that leaves even the most seasoned traveler feeling a bit drained. You just want the ordeal to be over, get home or to your hotel as quickly as possible.