Samsung, AT&T To Replace Water-Damaged Waterproof Phones

Samsung, AT&T To Replace Water-Damaged Waterproof Phones

The whole point of the recently released Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is that it is supposed to be waterproof. Yet some users have been complaining that the device doesn’t live up to its hype or its supposed water-resistance rating, and a new report claims that AT&T and Samsung will be giving people who purchased the S4 Active the opportunity for a one-time-only exchange. [More]

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Galaxy S3 Does Everything Better Except Stay Out Of Toilet; AT&T Saves The Day

April has always been pleased with AT&T’s customer service, but a recent experience delighted her so much that she just had to write to us and share the love. She upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S3 from an iPhone 4S, and was very pleased with the new device, finding it vastly superior to the iPhone. One thing that the Galaxy isn’t better at, though, was staying out of her toilet. Her phone went “splash,” and she didn’t have $600 lying around to replace it. So she wrote to a selection of AT&T executives and made her case. [More]

Verizon's picture of the alleged liquid damage.

How Can My iPhone Have Liquid Damage If The Sensor Wasn’t Tripped?

Last week, we posted the story of Justin, who was able to make his case to Verizon that he had not dunked his phone in water, and was entitled to a warranty replacement. Jeff found this story intriguing, beacuse he was facing a similar problem. When he sent his iPhone to Verizon, he was told that he wasn’t receiving text message alerts because of liquid damage to the phone. Which is odd, since the employees of his local Verizon store didn’t notice any liquid damage, the liquid contact sensors weren’t flipped, and he didn’t remember getting his phone wet. [More]

Is The iPhone 3G Liquid Sensor A Filthy Liar?

Is The iPhone 3G Liquid Sensor A Filthy Liar?

Here’s the $199 question. What does it take to set off the moisture sensor on an iPhone 3G? Immersion in water? Sweat from a vigorous workout? Using the phone on a humid day? The truth is somewhere on that continuum, and many iPhone users claim that their warranties have been unfairly voided when normal use set off the sensors.

HP Offers To Fix Your Defective Laptop For Free, Then Changes Its Mind. Twice.

HP Offers To Fix Your Defective Laptop For Free, Then Changes Its Mind. Twice.

Reader Amy’s HP laptop is defective and HP offered to fix it for free–then changed its mind and wanted $800. Amy asked them to return the laptop, and when she got it back, she found that it was even more broken than when she sent it in. She contacted HP again and again they offered to fix it for free. This time, they let the laptop sit around for 3 weeks before calling her to let her know that they were voiding her warranty because of “liquid damage.” Amy says the first repair ticket has no mention of this mysterious liquid damage…