Zoo Bans Visitor Because It Isn’t A Good Idea To Climb Into The Lions’ Den Armed With Cookies

While we’re unaware of any existing maxim that says lions can be tamed with a package of sweet treats, the Memphis Zoo is definitely against any plan involving visitors hopping enclosure barriers to offer up cookies to the big cats. That’s why the zoo has banned one woman, who allegedly climbed into the actual lions’ den while singing and bearing snacks. [More]


Nearly three years after an exotic meat supplier in Illinois made headlines by selling lion meat to an Arizona restaurant, a lawmaker in the Land of Lincoln is introducing legislation that would make it illegal to breed, import or export from the state, or buy or sell lions for the purpose of slaughter. [via WBBM]

Fans Of Lion Tacos Can Now Cancel Tucson Travel Plans

Fans Of Lion Tacos Can Now Cancel Tucson Travel Plans

A Tucson restaurant created an uproar with last week’s announcement that it would be sell tacos made of lion meat. The owner freely admitted it was a publicity stunt, and apparently one that was too successful. Citing “many threats on the safety of our restaurant, our families, our customers and our vendors,” the owner said that he’d scrap the plans. [More]