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Meat Lovers In UK, Ireland Surprised That Beef Now Comes With Horse DNA Included

Over here we’ve had our spate of controversy over fillers in beef products but even talk of pink slime likely won’t provoke quite the reaction as telling someone there’s horse meat in their hamburger. The Republic of Ireland’s food safety authority (FSAI) says horse DNA has been found in burgers and other products purported to be made of beef in Irish supermarkets as well as in the United Kingdom. Cue shudders. [More]


Lidl On The Hook For $260K In Christmas Chicken Dinners After Twitter Campaign Goes Viral

Winner, winner, so very many chicken dinners for Lidl to hand out in Belgium.  The discount retailer is on the hook for about $260,000 worth of Christmas chicken dinners, after it offered to trade five four-course meals in exchange for every dedicated hash tag on Twitter. So this is either a resounding success or… or Lidl will not call it anything but a success. [More]