Save Money On Head Lice Removal

Save Money On Head Lice Removal

You’re a good Consumerist. You make your own kids at home. You grow your own lice in a coffee can you found on the street. You dump the lice on the kids’ heads before you send them off to school. After all that, the last thing you want to do is spend a fortune on lice removal treatments, right? You’re in luck: the New York Times says you don’t have to spend a lot of money de-lousing your itchy little child. [More]

Consumer Reports Health Blog Debunks 6 Medical Myths

Consumer Reports Health Blog Debunks 6 Medical Myths

Today’s “April False” post on the Consumer Reports Health Blog looks at six commonly held medical and health misconceptions. The only one I must take issue with is the one about baldness, because I am balding and I am not only a better lover, but probably the best lover. Otherwise, take a look and learn something new.

The Best Method For Detecting Head Lice Don’t be alarmed. Head lice are very common! Researchers found that wet-combing identified active infestations in 90 percent of the cases, compared with about 29 percent for visual inspections. [Consumer Reports Health]

Get Ready For Insecticide Resistant Lice

Get Ready For Insecticide Resistant Lice

OTC insecticides used to kill lice, such as NIX and RID, are becoming less useful, according to the WSJ.