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JetBlue Adding Checked Bag Fees, Cutting Down On Legroom

One of the last remaining airlines holding out against fees for checked bags has fallen prey to the siren song of money: JetBlue, which had persisted in offering a complimentary checked bag even as other airlines tacked fees on, announced three new “bundled” fare options for fliers, with the cheapest fare now requiring an extra fee to check a bag. That, and it’s stuffing more seats into plane cabins, which means less legroom for you. [More]

See all these people who aren't beating each other up or demanding an emergency landing? Let's all be like these people. (photo: Martin Rottler)

This Is Getting Old: Another Flight Diverted Over Reclining Seat Spat

First it was that United flight where a passenger used an illegal device to prevent the person in front of them from reclining. Then an air marshal on an American Airlines flight arrested a traveler who wouldn’t give up on his complaint about the woman in front of him putting her seat back. Delta now continues this trend, diverting a flight that was almost at its destination because one passenger thought her tray table was for napping. [More]


Which Airlines Offer The Most Legroom For Free (Gasp!) On Domestic Flights?

Unless you cherish the feeling of your knees shoved up against the seat in front of you, more legroom on a flight is a creature comfort that many fliers cherish but few receive — except for an extra fee. But hold your gasps and shocked faces of disbelief, folks: You can actually get extra legroom in coach… for free. Okay go ahead, gasp now. [More]

Continental Realizes Exit Row Seats Have More Legroom,
Charges More For Them

Continental Realizes Exit Row Seats Have More Legroom, Charges More For Them

In an announcement this morning, Continental Airlines said that, starting March 17, they will be offering passengers “a new option allowing you to purchase seat assignments for unreserved, Economy Class seats that feature extra legroom.” But instead of readjusting the seats on their planes to allow for more space, they’re really just charging for sitting in an exit row. [More]

The Legroom Party Is Officially Over At Midwest Airlines

The Legroom Party Is Officially Over At Midwest Airlines

Midwest Airlines loyalists, prepare to be upset, the airline is adding 11 seats to its formerly roomy coach section. In addition to converting good seats to less good ones, they’re adding a charge for the remaining quality seats.

JetBlue To Charge For Extra Legroom

JetBlue To Charge For Extra Legroom

JetBlue announced yesterday that they’ll be reconfiguring their Airbus A320 fleet to include several rows of seating with 38″ of pitch. These “Even More Legroom” seats will be available to you—for a small fee.