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Voters In Oregon, Alaska, Washington D.C. Legalize Marijuana

Break out the celebratory brownies: Alaska, Oregon and D.C. are joining the ranks Washington State and Colorado, after residents had their say in last night’s vote and legalized marijuana where they live, in varying degrees. [More]


Colorado Health Officials Pushing To Ban Most Forms Of Edible Marijuana

With Halloween coming up, law enforcement officals Colorado have been warning parents about pot-laced candies or treats that might find their way into kids’ bags this year, now that recreational marijuana is legal in the state. And in order to decrease the likelihood of pot product confusion in the future, health officials are now pushing the state to ban most edible forms of pot, including brownies, cookies, cakes and most candies. [More]


Seattle Police Officer Reassigned After Review Finds He Wrote 80% Of City’s Marijuana Tickets

While marijuana has been legal in Washington state since the beginning of this year, it’s not like the streets are filled with people lighting up bongs and toking on pipes. Because if you do, you’re going to get a ticket for public marijuana use. That being said, the Seattle Police Department says one officer has been reassigned after apparently going a bit ticket-happy and issuing about 80% of the city’s pot citations so far this year. [More]


Washington State’s Legal Marijuana Shops Prepare To Open Their Doors This Week

Like Colorado before it, Washington State is now open for legal marijuana sales. With the first licenses for the first stores issued today — and a required 24-hour waiting period before sales can start — shop owners are preparing to welcome customers this week. [More]

New York Times’ Maureen Dowd Eats Pot Candy Bar In Colorado And Totally Freaks Out

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When well-known New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd eats edible marijuana in Colorado and freaks out about it, you better believe she’s going to write about it. You’ve might’ve heard of her tale of paranoia and extreme anxiety, because it seems like everyone else is freaking out about it, too. Of course, that’s not the actual point of her opinion piece. [More]

Colorado Won’t Be Getting Its Very Own Marijuana Bank Anytime Soon

Colorado Won’t Be Getting Its Very Own Marijuana Bank Anytime Soon

In an effort one legislator likened to throwing spaghetti noodles against the wall to see what sticks, a proposal this week to set up a financial co-op within the marijuana industry has met with a swift death. [More]

Denver Hosts Nation’s First-Ever Marijuana Industry Job Fair

Denver Hosts Nation’s First-Ever Marijuana Industry Job Fair

What happens when there’s a brand new industry opening up? That industry needs hard workers, and it’s no different when the new business in the state happens to be marijuana. Now that it’s legal in Colorado for recreational use, Denver held what appears to be the nation’s first-ever job fair to attract workers. [More]

Colorado’s “Drive High, Get A DUI” Campaign: Because Having The Munchies Is Distracting

Colorado’s “Drive High, Get A DUI” Campaign: Because Having The Munchies Is Distracting

Just like Colorado doesn’t want drunk drivers swerving all over its roads and endangering people, the state doesn’t want anyone getting stoned and trying to operate a car, now that marijuana is legal in the state. Because if what we’ve learned from the movies about reefer is true, there are plenty of distractions when you’re stoned — food (Funyuns specifically), the way Willie Nelson’s braids sway just so and oh what’s that thing I must stare at over there? [More]

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Federal Government To Issue New Guidelines For Banks Dealing With Legal Marijuana Businesses

Now that marijuana for recreational use is doing booming business in Colorado where it’s legal (with Washington State to join it eventually) the federal government is getting around to answering some weighty questions. Namely, how will it deal with the revenue coming in from pot sales? [More]


Colorado Airport Installing “Pot Amnesty Boxes” In Case You Forgot To Leave Your Drugs At Home

It’s only been two weeks since marijuana for recreational use became legal in Colorado, but it appears that authorities are worried citizens will already forget pretty common norms. For example: Pot does not belong at the airport, and you most definitely can’t bring it on a plane. The Colorado Springs Airport is ready to help, however, with new “pot amnesty boxes.” [More]


Of Course The New Thing In Colorado Is Pairing Food With Marijuana

One of the trendiest things you can do to a food is to pair it with something else. Got some delicious, sea salt caramel chocolates? Here’s a beer to go with that. Love cheese? Here’s the wine you absolutely must drink with it, darling. And so it follows that now that recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado, someone had to be the first to pair it with a food. In this case, it’s sushi. [More]

Legal Recreational Marijuana Sales Start In Colorado With “Bubba Kush” Description

Legal Recreational Marijuana Sales Start In Colorado With “Bubba Kush” Description

Now that you can legally buy marijuana for recreational use in Colorado, many potential customers might be wondering: What exactly am I buying? Never fear, there are apparently very knowledgeable sales people ready to help and explain the finer points of Bubba Kush and any other strains of cannabis you may be interested in. [More]

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You Probably Won’t Be Able To Buy Marijuana With A Credit Card Anytime Soon

Now that marijuana is legal in small amounts in Washington and Colorado, officials in those state are having a heckuva time figuring out how to regulate those businesses and collect taxes on their daily doings. But even with the approval of state governments, there’s still the tricky question of how these establishments will be able to do their business — in other words, will customers be able to pay with cash, check or credit? [More]