Which Airlines Offer The Most Legroom For Free (Gasp!) On Domestic Flights?

Unless you cherish the feeling of your knees shoved up against the seat in front of you, more legroom on a flight is a creature comfort that many fliers cherish but few receive — except for an extra fee. But hold your gasps and shocked faces of disbelief, folks: You can actually get extra legroom in coach… for free. Okay go ahead, gasp now. [More]


Should Airlines Do Away With Reclining Seats Once & For All?

There it is, right in front of your face. Sure, it looks innocent enough but any second its controller could decide to hit the lever and WHOMP! the seat in front of you thwacks into reclining position, punishing your knees, spilling your club soda and eliciting a grumpy huff from your lips. What choice do you have but to follow suit and recline your seat as well?  [More]