Yelp Reviewers File Class Action Lawsuit, Want To Get Paid

Yelp Reviewers File Class Action Lawsuit, Want To Get Paid

Last fall, while we were covering fake Yelp reviews of real businesses and real Yelp reviews of fake businesses, a lawsuit questioning the nature of online reviews in a different way was filed on the West Coast. The lawsuit was dismissed in February, but has since been filed again with different attorneys and a different lead plaintiff. Their argument? Elite Yelp reviewers provide a service to the site, and some reviewers are paid, so all of them ought to be. [More]


Unholy Alliance Of MLB, NHL, DirecTV & Comcast Lose Bid To Derail Fans’ Antitrust Suit

A goalie, a shortstop, a satellite dish repairmen, and a Comcast tech all walk into a courtroom (well, the Comcast tech comes a few hours late but tells his boss he arrived on time). This oddball mish-mash of sports leagues and pay-TV giants have been trying to convince a federal court to dismiss a lawsuit brought against them by sports fans unhappy with rules they believe allow the leagues to make a pile of cash by limiting access to out-of-market games. But last week, the judge ruled against the sporty alliance, bringing this case one step closer to trial. [More]

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Yelp Accused Of Lying To Investors About Quality Of Online Reviews

Since it launched a decade ago, some business owners have grumbled that the online review site Yelp allowed users to post fake, negative reviews. Now a potential class-action suit filed against Yelp accuses the site of trying to mislead investors about the quality of user-generated reviews and the way in which the company screens this content. [More]

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Insurance Company Pays Man $21,000 With Buckets Of Loose Change

Money is money — but it’s a whole lot easier to receive a bunch of it with a check or even cash, than entirely in loose change. That’s how one California man said an insurance company paid him $21,000 in a legal settlement, dropping off more than 16 five-gallon buckets filled with coins. [More]

For Change Of Pace, Donald Trump Sues To Remove His Name From Buildings


Donald Trump has spent his career using his last name as his brand, slapping the T word on many a luxury apartment building, hotel, and casino. But now the Donald is suing to have his famous name removed from a pair of Atlantic City properties that he would rather not be associated with. [More]

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Artist Claims Pet Toy Company Made Millions Off Her “Angry Birds” Design Without Paying Her

A Seattle artist who designed a line of plush pet toys called “Angry Birds” back in 2006 is now suing the company that sold them, claiming it cut her out of the process — and millions of dollars — when it licensed the design to the makers of the popular Angry Birds game. [More]

Bank Of America Finally Ordered To Pay $1.27B For Countrywide’s “Hustle”

Bank Of America Finally Ordered To Pay $1.27B For Countrywide’s “Hustle”

It’s been about nine months since a federal jury found Bank of America liable for the “Hustle,” a pre-bubble Countrywide Financial program that removed safeguards to the mortgage underwriting process, resulting in a mountain of toxic, worthless loans. Yesterday, the judge in the case finally decided how much BofA — and the former Countrywide exec in charge of the program — should pay. [More]

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Recording Industry Sues Ford, GM Over “CD-Ripping” Vehicles

While it’s usually perfectly legal for you to put the music you buy on a hard drive for your own use, the makers of the technology that rip your CDs into MP3s (or other formats) may be breaking the law if they don’t pay the recording industry piper. That’s why two of the country’s largest automakers are currently being sued by a music business royalties group. [More]

FTC Gives Wireless Industry Suggestions On How To Not Be Bill-Cramming Jerks

FTC Gives Wireless Industry Suggestions On How To Not Be Bill-Cramming Jerks

Earlier this year, the Federal Trade Commission sued T-Mobile, accusing the wireless company of making hundred of millions of dollars off of so-called “premium” text-messaging subscriptions that were often never requested by subscribers. To preempt others from getting involved in illegal “bill cramming,” the FTC is asking carriers to implement policy changes now instead of waiting until it’s too late. [More]

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USPS Sued By Feds For Labeling Whistle-Blower A Drug-Using “Terrorist”

If you think an employee of yours might be too quick to gripe or prone to exaggerated complaints, there are proper ways to handle that situation. Among those accepted methods is not falsely telling others that he’s a terrorist and that he’d threatened to blow up your building. [More]

Bose Sues Beats Alleging Infringement Of Noise-Canceling Headphones

Bose Sues Beats Alleging Infringement Of Noise-Canceling Headphones

The last thing you want when flying early in the morning is to have what little sleep you can get on the plane interrupted by your fellow fliers’ noise. That experience is exactly what makes noise-canceling headphones so popular, and what’s subsequently prompting a bit of a war between Bose and Beats. [More]

PA Court Says I Don’t Need To Tell Buyers That My House Was A Satanic Murder Pit

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Should a home seller be obliged to reveal that the lovely 4-bedroom with a 2-car garage on half acre just also happened to be the place where previous tenants were brutally murdered? Not if that house is here in Pennsylvania. [More]

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Chubby Checker, HP Reach Settlement Over Penis-Measuring App

It’s been more than a year since a dispute between singer Chubby Checker and Hewlitt-Packard over a penis-measuring app plunged this country into darkness, dividing households, pitting brother against brother, leaving deep scars from which we may never heal — but which will always stand as a reminder of an era we’d all like to forget. Finally, the two parties have put aside their differences for the sake of generations to come, and reached a settlement. [More]

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NJ Turnpike Authority Sues Florida Pizza Chain Over Lookalike Logo

We don’t know why any restaurant owners would want to associate their food with a stretch of ugly highway that cuts a massive concrete and asphalt path from one end of New Jersey to the other, but that’s what the operators of a small pizza chain in Florida did when crafting a logo that looks a lot like the one for the Garden State Parkway. Fearing that people might somehow think it’s gotten into the pizza business, the NJ Turnpike Authority has sued the pizza chain in federal court. [More]

Despite Policy Changes, Google Must Face Class Action Suit Regarding In-App Purchases

Despite Policy Changes, Google Must Face Class Action Suit Regarding In-App Purchases

Google may have made changes to prevent inadvertent in-app purchases within the Google Play store, but the company still has to answer for their previously lax controls that allowed children to run up huge bills on their parents’ accounts. [More]


Jury Smacks Tobacco Company R.J. Reynolds With $23 Billion Verdict

The bill has arrived for R.J. Reynolds Tobacco company in a lawsuit brought by a Florida woman whose husband smoked cigarettes and later died from lung cancer, and the company is not pleased: The jury returned one of the largest verdicts ever against a tobacco company, smacking Reynolds with $23.6 billion in damages. [More]

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Apple May Refund $400 Million To E-Book Customers (Or Maybe Nothing At All)

A year after a federal court ruled against Apple in the e-book price-fixing lawsuit brought by the Justice Dept., court documents reveal the terms of a second settlement that would close the books on state and civil claims tied to the price-fixing issue. But since the deal is contingent on Apple’s pending appeal of the DOJ case, the company could pay out as much as $400 million in refunds or as little as zilch. [More]

Appeals Court Disregards Aereo Ruling, Won’t Shut Down Dish’s Streaming Service

Appeals Court Disregards Aereo Ruling, Won’t Shut Down Dish’s Streaming Service

Last week, we told you about an attempt by broadcasters — still bloody from their Supreme Court gutting of Aereo — to use the ruling in that case to shut down Dish’s Dish Anywhere streaming service. But yesterday, a federal appeals court said Dish Anywhere could continue pending the outcome of a trial. [More]