Obedience School Sues Yelper For $65K Over Negative Review

Obedience School Sues Yelper For $65K Over Negative Review

A few months ago, a Virginia woman began taking her dog to obedience class, and when the training wasn’t what she expected, she requested a pro-rated refund and wrote a negative review of the school on Yelp. Now she’s facing a $65,000 defamation lawsuit. [More]


Family Suing Publix Claims Boy Allergic To Nuts Died After Eating Cookie Worker Said Was Safe

The family of an 11-year-old boy allergic to nuts who died in June 2014 is suing Publix, claiming that his death was caused by a severe allergic reaction after eating a cookie a grocery store worker allegedly deemed safe. [More]

Feds Investigating Lumber Liquidators Over Formaldehyde Allegations

Feds Investigating Lumber Liquidators Over Formaldehyde Allegations

In the wake of a primetime news report alleging that some flooring sold by Lumber Liquidators contained excessive amounts of formaldehyde, federal regulators at the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission have confirmed the agency is investigation the lumber company. [More]

The three co-hosts of the Spike TV show, Adam Carolla, Alison Bedell, and Skip Bedell.

Contractor Sues Spike TV’s “Catch A Contractor” For False Imprisonment, Defamation

Spike TV show “Catch a Contractor” uses the infamous model of NBC’s “To Catch a Predator,” but instead of snaring creepy men with the promise of an underage female, the Spike show lures in contractors “who have done their clients wrong” by posing as a new customer. But one contractor featured on the show says he was forced to sign a release for the show under duress and that the show unfairly portrayed his participation. [More]

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FTC Report Alleges Google Used Anti-Competitive Practices Prior To 2013

When conducting a search on Google, consumers have a reasonable expectation that results will show a variety of options related to their inquiry. But a recently disclosed report shows that wasn’t always the case. [More]

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Target Poised To Settle Class-Action Suit Related To Massive 2013 Hack For $10M

More than a year after Target announced that it had been victim to a massive data breach during the 2013 holiday season, the company is poised to pay $10 million to settle a class-action suit stemming from the incident. [More]

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Accusing Herbalife Of Running A Pyramid Scheme

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Accusing Herbalife Of Running A Pyramid Scheme

After two years of accusations calling Herbalife a pyramid scheme, the company has won the dismissal of a lawsuit against it alleging it was set up to only enrich those few at the top of its multi-level marketing business. [More]

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Lawsuit That Brought GM Ignition Switch Defect To Light Settled For Second Time

The lawsuit filed by the family of a Georgia woman who died in a 2010 car accident that spurred the recall of 2.5 million General Motors vehicles with faulty ignition switches has been settled out of court. [More]

Senators Urge FDA To Investigate Allegations That Purina’s Beneful Dry Kibble Includes Toxins

Senators Urge FDA To Investigate Allegations That Purina’s Beneful Dry Kibble Includes Toxins

Several weeks after a lawsuit filed in California claimed that thousands of dogs became ill or died after eating Purina’s Beneful kibble, two senators are urging the Food & Drug Administration to open an investigation into the allegations. [More]


D.C. Court Issues Temporary Order Prohibiting Man From Smoking In His Home After Neighbors Sue

No home is an island, especially when it shares walls with other houses. As such, a Superior Court judge in Washington, D.C. has issued a temporary order banning a man from smoking inside his home, after his neighbors filed a lawsuit claiming that the fumes were harmful to their health. [More]

The Federal Trade Commission says that DirecTV is deceiving consumers by failing to adequately disclose how much these promotional prices will increase after 12 months, that subscribers face hefty early cancellation fees, and that they may be automatically subscribed to expensive premium channels after three months.

Government Accuses DirecTV Of Deceptive Advertising

While DirecTV may make people laugh (or cringe) with its multiple Rob Lowe ads, the thing that matters to many people when choosing between cable and satellite is price. But a new Federal Trade Commission complaint filed against the nation’s second-largest pay-TV service alleges that DirecTV is tricking consumers into believing they’re getting a better deal than they end up with. [More]

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Wikimedia, Amnesty International, Others Sue NSA Over Mass Surveillance

The foundation behind Wikipedia, along with several other high-profile non-profit organizations, has sued the National Security Agency challenging its “suspicionless seizure and searching of internet traffic” in the U.S., claiming that this mass data collection goes beyond what the law allows the NSA to collect and that it violates protections afforded by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. [More]

Banks & Credit Card Companies Saving Millions By Taking Away Your Right To Sue

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Tens of millions of American consumers have clauses in their credit card, checking account, student loan, and wireless phone contracts that take away their rights to sue those companies in a court of law, and more than 93% of these people have no idea they’ve had this right taken away from them. The companies involved are presumably quite happy about this lack of awareness, as it results in millions of dollars in savings that aren’t being passed on to you. [More]


LAX Lawsuit: A Bottle Of Water Shouldn’t Cost $5 At The Airport

Grumbling over that $5 bottle of water you had to buy after going through airport security? You’re not the only one: Boutique store Kitson is accusing the company that runs its two stores in the Los Angeles International Airport of gouging customers by charging half a tenner for a bottle of water that normally costs $2.50. [More]

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New York Papa John’s Franchisee Ordered To Pay Workers More Than $2M For Wage Violations

A New York Papa John’s franchisee must pay more than $2 million to workers as part of a judgment resolving charges that the company underpaid hundreds of delivery workers at five Harlem-area restaurants. [More]

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Father Of Teen Poisoned By Caffeine Powder Files Lawsuit Blaming His Death On Supplement Makers, Amazon

The father of an Ohio teen who died in 2014 after ingesting a powdered caffeine marketed as a dietary supplement has filed a lawsuit against Amazon.com and the product’s distributors, claiming that they failed to provide proper warnings about the dangers of using the substance. [More]

Lumber Liquidators Sued Over Formaldehyde Allegations

Lumber Liquidators Sued Over Formaldehyde Allegations

Only days after a 60 Minutes report on the allegedly high formaldehyde levels in wood products sold by Lumber Liquidators, consumers have filed a potential class action against the company in federal court. [More]


Solo Diner Sues Portland Restaurant For $100K Claiming Staff Refused To Serve Her On Valentine’s Day

On the one hand, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a table for one for Valentine’s Day, or any day. On the other hand, restaurants want to fit as many patrons as they can on busy nights like Feb. 14. So is it wrong to boost a patron when the other half of her reservation can’t make it? [More]