Lawsuit Calls Infamous KFC Chicken Giveaway A "Bait And Switch"

Lawsuit Calls Infamous KFC Chicken Giveaway A "Bait And Switch" is reporting that chicken lovers have become disillusioned with KFC and are suing over the Oprah-endorsed Kentucky Grilled Chicken giveaway that went so horribly wrong last month.

HealthSouth Paid For Someone's Fake Boobs

HealthSouth Paid For Someone's Fake Boobs

Most medical company execs get dinged for being too stingy with their company’s funds. But it’s quite the opposite for former HealthSouth bossman Richard Scrushy, who was quite the giver.

80-Year-Old Woman Files Lawsuit Over $6 Sears Datebook

80-Year-Old Woman Files Lawsuit Over $6 Sears Datebook

Margaret Vail (pictured left), an 80-year-old woman from Mansfield, OH., is fed up with Sears and the numerous collection agencies that claim she ordered a $6 datebook back in 2003. According to the Mansfield News Journal, Margaret never ordered the datebook, yet Sears sent her one anyway and put it on her Sears charge card. Her local store won’t accept returns on mail-order merchandise and she refuses to pay shipping to return it. Over the years, the balance has ballooned to $130 which doesn’t faze Margaret who is spending over $200 in fees to file her lawsuit. Details, inside…

Judge Orders Wal-Mart To Pay $6.5 Million For Violating Labor Laws

Judge Orders Wal-Mart To Pay $6.5 Million For Violating Labor Laws

The AP reports that in a class-action lawsuit, a Minnesota judge ordered that Wal-Mart pay $6.5 million in compensatory damages for violating state labor laws 2-million times. Violations were incurred when the company reduced break time for employees and “willfully” allowed them to work off the clock. Other infractions include the failure to keep time records and denying employees time for meal breaks. Details, inside…

False Advertising Class Action Lawsuit: How To Get Your Airborne Refund

False Advertising Class Action Lawsuit: How To Get Your Airborne Refund

Yesterday we mentioned that the makers of Airborne had reached a tentative settlement over claims that it falsely represented its product as a “miracle cold buster,” by citing a study done by a research firm that ABCNews describes as “a two-man operation started up just to do the Airborne study. There was no clinic, no scientists and no doctors.”

Sears Settles "Stove Tipping" Class Action Lawsuit

Sears Settles "Stove Tipping" Class Action Lawsuit

Consumer groups, which were not involved in the lawsuit, say more than 100 people have been killed or injured from scalding and burns caused by hot foods and liquids spilling from the stove top, or from being crushed by the weight of a stove that has tipped over.

No Yogurt In Pinkberry "Frozen Yogurt"

No Yogurt In Pinkberry "Frozen Yogurt"

A story that sounds more like an LSAT question than a consumer issue arrived in our inbox today:

Lawsuit: Is Walgreens Racist?

Lawsuit: Is Walgreens Racist?

The lawsuit alleges that Walgreen assigns black managers, management trainees and pharmacists to low-performing stores and to stores in black communities, and that it denies them promotions based on race.

Target Targets Blogger

Target Targets Blogger

It seems our buddy Target Corp. doesn’t like it when bloggers post store policies on the Internets. Their rational response? Duh, lawsuit.

DoubleShot to Starbucks: “Sit and Spin.”

DoubleShot to Starbucks: “Sit and Spin.”

Good news! Our favorite grumbly cup-of-joe-slinging coffee shop owner has delicately lifted his forearm, extended his middle finger in the direction of the Starbucks’ corporation’s threatening sphincter and politely suggested sitting and spinning on the proffered digit.

Starbucks “Addresses” DoubleShot “Concerns”

More DoubleShot. Steven Roemerman was so upset by Starbucks suing his favorite local coffee shop that he decided to write them and complain. This is the form letter they sent him back:

DoubleShot Coffee Fights Back Against Starbucks

Yesterday, we reported on DoubleShot Coffee, a small Tulsa coffee shop that had been sued by Starbucks for infringing on their Doubleshot trademark. Well, the outspoken owner of DoubleShot Coffee, Brian Franklin, is fighting back via his company blog:

Parody Wal-Mart T-Shirt Designer Sued

Parody Wal-Mart T-Shirt Designer Sued

Charles Smith of Bentonville, Arkansas is under fire from the Wa-Mart’s switchblade gang of crack attorneys from marketing t-shirts with the message “I {heart} WAL*OCAUST. They have family values and their alcohol, tobacco and firearms are 20% off.”

“Smiling Bob” Penis Pill Scammers Nailed

“Smiling Bob” Penis Pill Scammers Nailed

Like most of you, we at the Consumerist have an entire Hotmail account devoted to unsolicited emails from Eastern European girls asking us if we want to see naked pictures of them and making frankly personal inquiries as to the size of our penis. And while we are always eager to see more anonymous hot and naked girls, we’ve learned long since that no pill on Earth is going to help us so much that we will have to tape our member to our chest when getting dressed every morning. These products just never work as advertised.

Fed Agencies Lick Industrial Nutsacks & Rip Apart Consumer Lawsuits

Fed Agencies Lick Industrial Nutsacks & Rip Apart Consumer Lawsuits

s lap dog federal agencies help industries gain shielding from consumer and state lawsuits. Among the erosions:

Woman Sues McDonald
s for Bloody Fries

Woman Sues McDonald s for Bloody Fries

s after finding blood slathered inside her fry box.

Brookyln Grandma Sued for $150,000 by MPAA.

Brookyln Grandma Sued for $150,000 by MPAA.

63-year old Janice McBride is getting sued by Hollywood for pirating the Adam Sandler flick, The Longest Yard.

iTunes to be Sued

iTunes to be Sued

dome crackling like a Jacobs Laddder.