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Did This Laundry Service Respond To A Bad Yelp Review With A Violent Threat?

Emma used the same wash-and-fold laundry service at a laundromat in her neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY for years, and had a bad experience in August. She did what people normally do in that situation: she left them a one-star but respectful Yelp review, and switched to using a different place. Just another day in the free market… until she received a threat by private message that contained her home address. [More]

Pods sold separately.

Whirlpool Wants To Sell You A $500 Laundry Machine That Doesn’t Clean Your Clothes

Do you often find yourself needing to remove some wrinkles and the smell of cigarette smoke from your favorite jacket, but unwilling to leave the house to go to the dry cleaner? If so, the Swash, a new laundry-ish appliance from Whirlpool, may be exactly what you need. It costs $500 and does not clean your clothes. [More]

Detergent Companies Are Unhappy With Our Efficient Washing Machines

Detergent Companies Are Unhappy With Our Efficient Washing Machines

High-efficiency washing machines, which use less water to clean your clothes, are an advance that most customers seem to like. Do you know who doesn’t like them, though? Detergent manufacturers. With traditional machines, consumers can dump any old amount of detergent in with our clothes, and it doesn’t matter. With a high efficiency machine, using too much detergent causes problems, so consumers are finally using the correct amount of detergent. [More]


Answer Cycle: Solutions To 4 Common Laundry Problems

Everyone wears clothes and everyone has to clean them somehow, but changes in laundry technology mean that you might encounter problems that your parents never taught you to solve. Don’t worry: the heroic appliance testers and textile experts down the hall from us at Consumer Reports have you covered. [More]

Is Tide Oxi Really The Super Cleaning Agent That The Blonde Property Brother Says It Is?

Is Tide Oxi Really The Super Cleaning Agent That The Blonde Property Brother Says It Is?

For me, “deep-cleaning the house” has a place on the same list where you’ll find “getting a root canal.” But sometimes you have to, even it it means pulling out five different cleaners to get the job done. Tide claims its new product can clean more than 225 household items. Sounds too good to be true, right? It might be or it might not be – it just depends on your belongings. [More]

Top Laundry Detergents At Medium Prices Available At Warehouse Clubs

Looking for a reasonably-priced but effective laundry detergent? Consider signing up for a warehouse club if you aren’t already a member of one. Our high-efficiency colleagues down the hall at Consumer Reports just put out their list of great performers at reasonable prices, and two of the top three are house brands from Sam’s Club (Member’s Mark) or Costco (Kirkland). Non-members can check out Wisk Deep Clean instead. [More]

Laundry Shrink Ray Zaps Tide Slightly, Keeps Number Of Loads The Same

Laundry Shrink Ray Zaps Tide Slightly, Keeps Number Of Loads The Same

Can you shave a few milliliters off the amount of detergent that you use in every load of laundry and still get your clothes as clean? You probably can, but we’re curious after checking out this slight change in the amount of Tide detergent in a bottle while the number of loads per bottle remains unchanged. [More]

Save Money On Clothes: Make Yours Last Longer

Save Money On Clothes: Make Yours Last Longer

It’s exceedingly obvious: the easiest way to save money on something is to not buy it in the first place. Everyone has to wear clothing (outside of the house, anyway) but clothing is now so cheap that many of us don’t put much thought into making it last longer. Avoid trips to the store: make your clothes last longer. [More]


How To Pick Laundry Appliances With Features That Are Actually Useful

If you’ve never bought your own appliances before or the dryer you bought during the Carter administration finally died, you might find the array of features available on modern washers and dryers daunting and scary. The problem is that the machine with the most features isn’t necessarily the best one. [More]


Wisk And Costco Knock Tide From Top Detergent Greatness Spot

Tide might be the detergent of choice for criminals, but our stain-fighting cousins over at Consumer Reports tell us that in terms of actual quality, there’s a new champion in town. Products from Wisk and Kirkland (Costco’s house brand) took the top spots in their most recent detergent rankings. [More]


Some Non-Wacky Tips That Make Doing Laundry Faster And Easier

There are two kinds of household tips that people share on sites like Pinterest: tips that are so simple and useful that you’re amazed that your mother never taught them to you, and tips that are the product of a person with a magazine deadline and a half-baked idea. [More]


If You Could Wear A Shirt 100 Times Without Needing To Wash It, Would You?

Staring at a pile of dirty, rumpled, wrinkled and otherwise soiled clothing that needs to be washed is fun for nobody. But what if you had one shirt you didn’t have to worry about wrinkling or stinking for 365 days — would you skip washing it if was made with that functionality as part of its design?

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Here’s What Should Happen When Your Family’s Washer Is Out Of Commission

Last week, we published a story from a reader whose Kenmore washer might be repaired someday…maybe, leaving him to buy a cheap temporary replacement in the meantime. Reader Brian noticed the story because he had a similar experience when his local Home Depot sent installers too honest to leave him with a dented dryer. When he complained to the store manager that this left him without an important household appliance, the manager immediately brought over a loaner dryer that Brian’s family got to use for their dryer-less three weeks. [More]

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I Don’t Want Money, I Want My Stupid Washer Fixed

Sears keeps throwing money at David. You wouldn’t think that would be a problem, but it is. He failed to follow the instructions that no one ever gave to him, and so Sears canceled his repair appointment. They tried to comfort him by offering $25 for the inconvenience of having to leave his house to do laundry, and rescheduled the appointment. Another Saturday, another robocall, and David was bumped from the schedule. Again. They offered him a $25 gift card and a spot on the repair schedule for a day that he won’t be home. [More]


Study: If You’ve Got Asthma, Drying Laundry Inside Your Home Might Be Unhealthy

If you’ve got asthma, hay fever or other allergies, you already know what less-than-ideal air conditions can do to those problems. But you might not know that you could possibly be exacerbating the issue just by doing your everyday chores. A new study says that drying your laundry inside the home can pose a health risk to people who are prone to have such conditions. [More]

Make Your Own Dishwashing Detergent At Home

Make Your Own Dishwashing Detergent At Home

The same ingredients you can use to make your own laundry detergent at home can be used to make your own dishwashing detergent, also at home. [More]

Make Your Own Laundry Detergent At Home

Make Your Own Laundry Detergent At Home

In just 30 minutes, you can have a five-gallon bucket of homemade laundry detergent that costs 50 cents less per load than store bought, says dollarstoremom. All you need is washing soda, grated bar soap, borax, boiling water, and large bucket. Get the recipe and ideas for adding scents and so forth on the blog. And yep, this mixture will even work on HE washers, according to the commenters. [More]

Some Fancy New Laundry Products Are Utterly Pointless

Some Fancy New Laundry Products Are Utterly Pointless

Our colleagues at Consumer Reports test all sorts of products to determine which are worth buying, and which aren’t. This month, they rounded up some laundry products currently on the market that aren’t worth picking up in the store: including a detergent blessed by Martha Stewart herself that wasn’t any more effective than plain water. [More]