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Krispy Kreme Trying Out That Whole “Barista” Thing In Effort To Boost Coffee Sales

Krispy Kreme has apparently been thinking long and hard about how it can make more money from selling coffee, it seems it’s come up with an answer — call employees that serve up cups of steaming hot joe “baristas.” Heck, if it worked for Starbucks, maybe it’ll work for Krispy Kreme. [More]

Can A Coupon Taste Good? Krispy Kreme Creates Barcode Of Glaze For Free Dozen Donut Coupon

Everyone loves (mostly) free donuts right? Of course they do, which makes Saturday Dec. 12 your lucky day – as long as you enjoy the idea of getting 12 free glazed dough tori from Krispy Kreme. To ensure everyone has their fair shot at what it’s calling #dayofthedozen, the company has created the “World’s Tastiest Coupon,” a video feature donuts rolling under a stream of glaze. That glaze just so happens to make a barcode, and when scanned – either via a print out or the video on your phone – gives the customer a dozen free donuts when you buy a dozen. [h/t to Consumerist reader Brandon]


Krispy Kreme Customer Says Video Shows Bugs Falling Onto Doughnuts Along With Glaze

A Krispy Kreme customer has a few choice words for her local restaurant, claiming that a video she took at a North Carolina location shows large insects falling onto doughnuts in the process of being glazed. [More]

No, this isn't a prank. A child's healthcare clinic in North Carolina now carries the "Krispy Kreme Challenge" name.

Now You Can Take Your Kids To The “Krispy Kreme Challenge” Clinic

While hospital naming rights have long been up for grabs to big donors, it’s not every day that a healthcare facility is branded with the name of a product that most people associate with being unhealthy. There’s no “Black Tar Heroin Elder Care Facility” or “Stick Your Finger In The Light Socket Cancer Center,” but there is now a Krispy Kreme Challenge Children’s Specialty Clinic. [More]

Where To Get Free (Or Discounted) Coffee For National Coffee Day Sept. 29

Where To Get Free (Or Discounted) Coffee For National Coffee Day Sept. 29

If you need caffeine every day like you need air to breathe, tomorrow is your big day: National Coffee Day is Sept. 29, and with it comes a slew of offers from U.S. java joints for free or discounted coffee. We’ve got the goods on where to score your cheap fix in honor of such an important day. [More]

Delaware's minor league baseball team debuted a doughnut-hotdog hybrid today.

Baseball Team Combines Krispy Kreme Doughnut, Hot Dog, Bacon & Jelly To Create Our Nightmare

Last year, San Diego County Fair vendor, Charlie’s Chicken, introduced the world to the triple cheeseburger on Krispy Kreme buns. While just looking at photos of the sandwich made our arteries cry for help, a minor league baseball team in Delaware is giving the restaurant a run for its money by taking consumers’ other favorite summer food, hot dogs, and creating the Krispy Kreme Donut Dog. [More]


Free Donuts Tomorrow Morning At Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme is opening what the company claims is its 1,000th store on Tuesday morning and to celebrate it’s giving away free donuts to first 1,000 customers at each location worldwide. [More]


Krispy Kreme Rethinks ‘KKK’ Promotion In The UK

The corporate office for Krispy Kreme in the UK drew up a calendar of fun activities for the chain to offer to kids during their midterm break from school. Activities include coloring, face painting, board games, and KKK Wednesday. Wait, what? That stands for “Krispy Kreme Klub,” not “Ku Klux Klan,” but the promotion has been pulled anyway. [More]

Krispy Kreme Celebrates “Day Of The Dozens” With Glazed Doughnut BOGO Deal

Krispy Kreme Celebrates “Day Of The Dozens” With Glazed Doughnut BOGO Deal

A quick glance at the calendar and you will see that day is December 12 — or, if you’re into celebrating numbers and dates it’s 12/12. Krispy Kreme is celebrating this “Day of the Dozens” with free doughnuts, because who doesn’t like free fried dough and sugar? [More]


Two-Time Krispy Kreme Challenge Winner Can Somehow Run 4 Miles & Eat 12 Doughnuts Without Barfing

While I could maybe probably run four miles and definitely eat a dozen doughnuts, I couldn’t accomplish both in the same day, much less the same hour. That’s why it’s somewhat amazing that a two-time Krispy Kreme Challenge winner has managed to run two miles to Krispy Kreme, stop and eat 12 doughnuts, then run two more miles in only an hour. And without losing the contents of his stomach, to boot. Or not to boot. You get it. [More]

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Halloween Eats: Free Bacon At Arby’s, $3 Burritos At Chipotle

While we’re still reeling from the revelation that Arby’s may be shorting customers on their fountain drinks, the fast food chain is doing one thing right this week — offering to give away free bacon to customers on Halloween. [More]

Krispy Kreme Handing Out Free Doughnuts On Halloween To Anyone In A Costume

Want a tasty treat but don’t want to spend any money? Dust off that witch hat/set of cat ears/football jersey/train conductor outfit and head to Krispy Kreme on Halloween for a free doughnut of your choice. You’ve gotta be in costume in the store, and it’s gotta be Oct. 31 only. Though feel free to wear a costume any day of the year that you like. [via Krispy Kreme on Facebook]

Krispy Kreme Makes Homer Simpson Jealous, Delivers Massive Box Of 2,400 Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme Makes Homer Simpson Jealous, Delivers Massive Box Of 2,400 Doughnuts

So you picked up a dozen tasty doughnuts for the office this morning; that probably made you feel like a pretty good co-worker, right? Well Krispy Kreme officially put your measly 12 toruses of delicious dough to shame, by delivering a single, gigantic box of 2,400 doughnuts to a public relations firm in the United Kingdom. [More]

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Krispy Kreme Announces Special ‘Ghostbusters’ Doughnuts For Movie’s 30th Anniversary

Prepare to feel old: Ghostbusters hit theaters 30 years ago (June 17, 1984 to be specific). Now prepare to feel old and maybe hungry: To celebrate that anniversary, Krispy Kreme has announced it will sell two Ghostbusters-themed doughnuts from Sept. 29 through Oct. 31. [More]

Remember All The Great Donuts That Built This Nation With Free Donuts Today

Remember All The Great Donuts That Built This Nation With Free Donuts Today

We know that Friday is usually a time for upbeat thoughts as consumers’ minds turn toward frivolous weekend activities — coating the Slip’N Slide with cherry marmalade, improving your speed-run time on Half Life 2, perfecting your homebrew oxycodone recipe — but today, National Donut Day, we should all remember to pause to remember, and perhaps shed a tear, all those donuts that have perished to get us to this point. And then get free donuts while they last. [More]

One Week Until Free Donuts For All At Krispy Kreme

Did you miss Krispy Kreme’s celebration of heroes where they gave out free dozens of donuts? That’s okay: next week, the chain will offfer free donuts for all. Sorry, you’ll have to bring your own beef patties and cheese if you want to construct a cheeseburger. One free donut per person; participating locations only. [Foodbeast]

Let’s Get Summer Started With Photos Of A Krispy Kreme Triple Cheeseburger

Let’s Get Summer Started With Photos Of A Krispy Kreme Triple Cheeseburger

Let’s face facts — If you’re reading Consumerist at all today, it’s probably while sitting bored in a half-empty office wondering why you didn’t just make this a four-day weekend like your co-workers Sue, Linda, Ted, and Steve. We feel for you, honestly. While we can’t do anything to get you out of work any earlier, we can try to summer-up your afternoon with photos of a huge cheeseburger on glazed donut buns. [More]

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As that ancient Babylonian proverb goes that we know so well, “When someone inspires you, give’em doughnuts.” Krispy Kreme must be reading the same ancient tome, as it’s announced that in honor of “Hero Appreciation Day” today, customers who buy a dozen doughnuts will get another dozen free to give to whoever inspires you. And whoever that is better be hungry. [Krispy Kreme]