Court Says Stores Can Be Sued Over Questionable “Discounts”

We’ve written before — most recently about JCPenney — about retailers who mark up the original price of an item in order to make the “sale” price look better than it is. Some may say this is harmless marketing, as the retailer is going to charge that price regardless. Others say it’s a deliberately deceptive act intended to lure consumers into thinking they are getting a deal. [More]

Reader Fairly Certain That Men Are In Charge Of Shipping Bras At Kohl’s

Reader Fairly Certain That Men Are In Charge Of Shipping Bras At Kohl’s

Amy was disappointed with the condition that her bras arrived in from Kohl’s. Men, she insists, are in charge of packing the store’s lingerie. Or–let’s be inclusive here–people who have never needed to wear an article of clothing that has underwires. Or a molded cup. Not even all women understand the care with which delicately-constructed undergarments need to be handled. [More]


Kohl’s Staff Is Helpless When Gift Card System Goes Down

One of the most important factors in determining whether a retailer provides quality customer service is how it handles unexpected problems. Unfortunately for one Consumerist reader, no one at Kohl’s seemed willing to do any creative thinking when the store’s gift card system went down. [More]

Just in time.

Kohl’s Cash Isn’t Much Of A Deal When Nothing Is On Sale

Kohl’s is the land of never-ending sales: nearly everything in the store is on perpetual markdown, and no list price is what it seems to be. But reader Mike was annoyed recently when he earned some Kohl’s Cash from a purchase and brought it back the following week. He couldn’t find anything on sale that he actually wanted to buy, and was especially annoyed to see an item for which the price had increased by exactly the amount of his Kohl’s Cash voucher. [More]


Kohl’s Employee Explains Math-Impaired Signage

Vindication for reader Garrett: a real, live Kohl’s employee agrees that the “60% off plus 25% off equals 85% off” sign that he spotted in his local store makes no sense. That’s because this person studies engineering, which means that he or she has some familiarity with how math works. They explained to us what Garrett should have done, as well as the likely origins of this wacky sign. [More]

85% = 70%

At Kohl’s, 60% Off Then 25% Off Means 85% Off

Garrett understands math. And he knows that 60% off, then 25% off does not equal 85% off. That’s what the signs at Kohl’s said, and he assumed that was the discount he would get. No, the items he bought rang up at the lower price. He wrote to Kohl’s, thinking maybe that they would say, “Oh, yes, customer, you’re right; we just had the wrong signs up.” Not so fast! They insisted that the wrong math was really right. [More]


Going On A Family Shoplifting Spree Shouldn’t Count As Spending Quality Time Together

Spending quality time with the family is one of the basic tenets of the holidays, although we’re pretty sure it’s not in the spirit of the season to take that family act on a shoplifting spree. Cops say a mom recruited her two kids in a scheme to swipe $4,500 in merchandise from Best Buy, Kohl’s and Target recently. That’s one way to make sure you get everything on your wish list, albeit a very illegal one. [More]

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Move Over Santa: Consumer Reports Issues List Of Naughty & Nice Companies

They’re making a list and checking it twice, and you’re about to find out who’s naughty and nice. Get it? Because Consumer Reports is coming to town? Or rather, it’s issued its annual list of the companies it considers to be bad little boys and girls and those who are to be held up as examples to the rest of’em. Let’s get to it [cue gleeful rubbing together of hands]! [More]

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Three Deer Walk Into A Kohl’s Department Store Way Too Early For Black Friday Sales

If only these three four-legged members of the animal kingdom were reindeer, this might make a bit more sense: A doe and two of her fawns recently wandered into a Kohl’s department store in Iowa, simply by sauntering through the automatic doors. No word on whether they were just too early for Black Friday or what. [More]

In Case You Were Wondering, Holiday Shopping Starts On October 28

In Case You Were Wondering, Holiday Shopping Starts On October 28

We’ve always wondered precisely when the “holiday shopping season” starts. For us at Consumerist, it’s when we receive the first press release that contains the phrase “stocking stuffer,” beginning the cold clench of dread in the pits of our stomachs. But that’s us. For the rest of the world, it begins before Halloween. So says Kohl’s, in this festive door sign. [More]

American Retail, Where Christmas Comes Six Weeks Before Halloween

American Retail, Where Christmas Comes Six Weeks Before Halloween

The kids are barely back in school, but in American retail, it’s Christmas. Here are two new entries in the annals of Christmas creepiness: department store Kohl’s and closeout chain Ollie’s. [More]