My KitchenAid Oven’s Self-Cleaning Cycle Is A Self-Destruct Sequence

My KitchenAid Oven’s Self-Cleaning Cycle Is A Self-Destruct Sequence

Harry bought a KitchenAid oven back in 2006, but he doesn’t use his oven very much. He was deployed in the military, and hasn’t even been home for much of the time that he’s owned the appliance. Cleaning his house in preparation for his upcoming wedding, he tried out the oven’s self-cleaning feature for the first time. This turned out to be a bad idea. [More]


Sears Saves The Day When Self-Cleaning Oven Fails And Whirlpool Shrugs

A few weeks ago, we shared some photos that reader Susan sent us of her new Kitchenaid oven. Its new-fangled self-cleaning system was pretty terrible at a key function: actually self-cleaning. “So… every time you want to clean your cool new oven, you’ll be scrubbing it yourself!” she wrote. That’s not a very good feature. [More]

In for more cleaning.

My Advanced New Self-Cleaning Oven Needs A Lot Of Help To Clean Itself

Susan’s new Kitchenaid gas range is pretty nice, but she writes that exciting advancements in self-cleaning oven technology aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Whirlpool’s Aqualift self-cleaning system seemed to be a technological advance comparable to see-through dishwashers, but she reports that her oven only cleans the bottom center, and not the sides or the corners. You know, the parts that you want your self-cleaning oven to take care of for you. [More]

One of many Tweets that shouldn't have been

10 Examples Of Why Companies Should Just Avoid Twitter Altogether

People talk about the risk posed by the immediacy of the Internet. Items can be posted with little thought about consequences, or made public by accident, and no matter how much deleting or editing you might do, the truth — as the kids say — is out there. Nowhere is this danger more evident than the Twittersphere. [More]

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Everything This Appliance Delivery Service Could Screw Up, They Did

When Sears sent a delivery service to Stephen’s house with a new dishwasher and fridge, he didn’t have ridiculously high expectations. He did expect installers to show up, not damage the new appliances or his home, not remove items necessary to install the new appliances, and bring all of the items that he paid for. They managed none of these things. And they were late. Now it’s three weeks after the delivery, and he still doesn’t have a working dishwasher. [More]

Since When Does Stainless Steel Rust?

Since When Does Stainless Steel Rust?

The point of stainless steel appliances, I always thought, is that they’re all shiny and metallic and don’t rust. The not rusting thing is kind of key. So he’s disappointed to see a smattering of rust spots on the front of the stainless steel Kitchenaid dishwasher that he bought less than a year ago. [More]

Sorry, Your Four-Year-Old $3K Oven Is Too Old To Repair

Sorry, Your Four-Year-Old $3K Oven Is Too Old To Repair

Are all appliances, not just cheap ones, now considered disposable? Celia tells Consumerist that she paid $3,000 for her KitchenAid double oven four and a half years ago. The appliance broke down after she did something completely unreasonable during Thanksgiving: she tried to use both ovens at the same time. After a lengthy attempt to get it repaired, she learned that it wouldn’t be possible to get the oven fixed. Why? Because Whirlpool, parent company of KitchenAid, doesn’t make the part anymore. [More]

KitchenAid Doesn't Care That Your Oven Won't Turn Off

KitchenAid Doesn't Care That Your Oven Won't Turn Off

Chris writes that he spent $1,700 on a KitchenAid brand stove four years ago, and that stove now has a problem that the company isn’t interested in fixing. The off button for the oven doesn’t work. Chris correctly thinks that this is a safety issue, but there are no authorized repair technicians willing to travel to where he lives. KitchenAid representatives promised to help…but now the warranty has expired, and now the company offers no help at all. [More]

One Knife Breaks, KitchenAid Replaces The Whole Set

One Knife Breaks, KitchenAid Replaces The Whole Set

Starla used to have a wonderful set of red-handled knives from KitchenAid. While washing dishes, one day she dropped a large knife into the sink, somehow cracking the blade down the middle. This wouldn’t do. She contacted KitchenAid to find out whether they would replace the broken knife, which was only a few years old. Since the red set had been discontinued, they just sent her a whole new set of knives. [More]

Help, My KitchenAid Dishwasher Hasn't Worked Since July!

Help, My KitchenAid Dishwasher Hasn't Worked Since July!

Katy’s KitchenAid dishwasher hasn’t dissolved soap or cleaned dishes since July, despite receiving four new parts over seven service visits. KitchenAid’s service plan promises a replacement unit if the same part breaks three times, but KitchenAid still isn’t sure which part of Katy’s dishwasher is broken, and so they’re refusing to give her a new one. Does that seem fair?

KitchenAid Knives Are No Match For Lemon Grass

KitchenAid Knives Are No Match For Lemon Grass

Max writes in: “While cutting lemon grass – yes, lemon grass, the blade of my knife snapped off in a clean shear from the handle. Keep in mind there is no bone in lemon grass.”

This !@#$% KitchenAid Refrigerator Won't Stop !@$% Beeping!

This !@#$% KitchenAid Refrigerator Won't Stop !@$% Beeping!

Beep… Beep… Beep… That’s all Robin’s new KitchenAid fridge does. For the past two months, nothing but !@#$ beeping. Sears claims that they replaced every circuit board in the fridge, and that Robin’s only choice is to wait another beeping month for a replacement unit. Think that might drive you a little crazy? Try reading Robin’s letter…

Above And Beyond: KitchenAid's Sharp Customer Service

Above And Beyond: KitchenAid's Sharp Customer Service

Despite proper care, Hexum2600′s 4.5 inch KitchenAid Santoku knife began to rust four months after purchase. Hexum2600 sent KitchenAid an email.

    “I explained that I have purchased a lot of KitchenAid small appliances and other products and that this was the first that I had a problem with. I said that I was disappointed because I had purchased this product from them without researching the quality of the product or reading any reviews on it based on my continually positive experiences with their company.”

KitchenAid’s response, inside…

KitchenAid is Awesome; Replaces 4 Year Old Mixer

Robin recently had a terrible experience with a broken Roomba and the unhelpful people at iRobot, so she was shocked and amazed by the helpful customer service of KitchenAid. From her email:

Morning Deals Round-Up

• Hide small bodies with the KitchenAid 12-Cup 700 Watt Black Ultra Wide Mouth Food Processor, now just $105 shipped at Amazon using the code HOHOHOHO. If you would prefer something more jaunty to match the gory remains of your victims, you can also get it in red. [via Slickdeals]