6 Home Appliances Most Likely To Self-Immolate

Kitchen appliances make our lives more convenient and our meals more delicious, but they’re also dangerous. Dangerous? Ordinary appliances start tens of thousands of fires in United States homes every year. Our colleagues down the hall at ShopSmart rounded up some common causes of appliance fires and warned us all. [More]

Just in time for Easter!

You Need An Automatic Egg Tube On A Stick Maker

If there’s anything that I need in my life, it’s eggs cooked in a flexible tube like a sausage without casing. Here I am, cooking my eggs in a frying pan like a sucker. Then I learned about the Rollie. [More]

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Warning: Do Not Store Your Glock And Ammo In The Oven

Sure, the oven seems like an ideal place to stash your handgun: it’s out of sight, but easily accessible in an emergency, and it’s not the first place an intruder would think to look for guns. Unfortunately, there’s a reason why this isn’t a common practice. Ovens get hot. That’s how a Florida woman got shot by the oven while making some waffles at a friend’s house. [More]

That's hot.

I Am Not Happy With My LG Range Because Cookies Should Not Be Set On Fire

Cookies are made by baking them in a hot oven for a short amount of time. Generally, this does not involve setting them on fire, unless you’re Doug. Not because he and his wife are running exciting experiments in culinary gastronomy, but because their LG oven, purchased in 2011, is defective. It heated up above 625 degrees and the upper heating element wouldn’t turn off, resulting in flaming cookies and a family frightened for its safety. They hadn’t even been using the range for a year yet, but since they bought it in advance and stored it while their kitchen was renovated, the one-year warranty is up. [More]

Don’t Know How To Create A Pat Of Butter? Help Is Here

Don’t Know How To Create A Pat Of Butter? Help Is Here

Sure. You could take a stick of butter out of your fridge and cut a small slice off with a knife to butter your food. If you’re cooking and need to measure out a specific portion of butter, you could use a very sharp knife and follow the guide lines on the wrapper. Or you could buy a Butter Cutter, the device that cuts a perfectly-sized pat of butter for you without dirtying a knife or having to measure. [More]

What’s The Point Of A Salad Spinner That Can’t Spin?

What’s The Point Of A Salad Spinner That Can’t Spin?

While shopping at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Avi noticed an OXO salad spinner on the “as-is” clearance rack. Those are great products, so he investigated further. The $29.99 item was marked down to half off, $14.98, and then to half off that amount, $7.48. What a deal! There was, however, a catch. The spinning mechanism is broken. That makes it more of a colander with a weird lid. [More]

Sears Is Out Of Kitchen Appliances

Sears Is Out Of Kitchen Appliances

He just laughed when I went through my story of frustration with the Sears service personnel and told me he had had 75 similar calls in the last 2 days. His bottom line: Sears is not sending him product and he has nothing to deliver.