The first 10 books chosen through Amazon's Kindle Scout platform will released next week.

Amazon’s In-House Kindle Scout Publishing Platform Set To Release First 10 Books Next Month

Four months after Amazon launched a crowdsourced publishing platform that allows Kindle readers to kind-of, sort-of have a say in what unpublished books and hopeful authors reach their devices, the company is set to release the first 10 Kindle Scout titles next month. [More]

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Can’t Go To Sleep At Night? It Might Be Your iPad, Kindle Or Nook’s Fault

If you’re having a difficult time falling asleep after reading a few chapters of the latest can’t-put-it-down book, the bright light emitted from your eReader may to blame. [More]

Amazon launched Kindle Scout, a program that allows readers to chose which up-and-coming authors get published.

Amazon’s Kindle Scout Give Readers The Choice In Which Authors Gets Published – Kind Of

Despite its decidedly unfriendly-to-authors feud with a major publishing company, Amazon is touting a new program that provides an outlet for hopeful authors, while letting readers maybe, sort-of decide who’s worthy of being published. [More]

Amazon Still Not Interested In Reuniting Lost Kindles With Owners

Amazon Still Not Interested In Reuniting Lost Kindles With Owners

Two years ago, we tried to reunite a Kindle left behind on a plane with its owner, and we didn’t succeed. The reader who found it didn’t trust the airport lost and found, and Amazon wasn’t any help. Even though Amazon knows full well who each Kindle belongs to, with their e-mail address and even their credit cards and billing addresses. That doesn’t matter, though. When Steve called about a Kindle that he found, Amazon told him to throw it away. [More]

Amazon Unveils Subscription E-Book Service For $10/Month

Amazon Unveils Subscription E-Book Service For $10/Month

After accidentally posting info about the service to its site earlier this week, Amazon has officially unveiled “Kindle Unlimited,” a $9.99/month subscription service that offers users access to a library of e-books. [More]

Amazon Begins Issuing Credits From E-Book Price-Fixing Lawsuit

Amazon Begins Issuing Credits From E-Book Price-Fixing Lawsuit

While Apple is still fighting the court’s ruling that it was involved in e-book price-fixing with America’s largest book publishing companies, those publishers have all reached settlements with the various regulators, attorneys general, and others over the same allegations that they colluded to set an inflated price on e-books. Today, Amazon began issuing credit to its customers who paid too much because of the publishers’ actions. [More]

Are Small Bookstores Committing Suicide If They Join Amazon’s New Kindle Program?

Are Small Bookstores Committing Suicide If They Join Amazon’s New Kindle Program?

A common refrain among people in the book business — especially those in the independent bookselling market — is that Amazon is “out to kill small bookstores.” Depending on how one looks at it, the latest scheme from the online retail giant either bolsters or calls BS on that statement. [More]

Amazon Thanks FAA For Lifting Device Restrictions With A One-Day Sale On Kindles

Amazon Thanks FAA For Lifting Device Restrictions With A One-Day Sale On Kindles

It was just about time for kicking off shoes and reclining in the comfiest chair (I call him Fergus) at Consumerist HQ when a one-day only sale caught my eye. Because it’ll be over by tomorrow, the time to spread the news is now. [More]

Amazon Offering Discount E-Books On Previously Purchased Books (But The Selection Is Wanting)

Amazon Offering Discount E-Books On Previously Purchased Books (But The Selection Is Wanting)

Back in September, Amazon gave a vague launch window for its new MatchBook program, which allows customers who bought printed books from the e-tailer over the years to now have the option of buying an e-book version of those titles at a discount. Today, MatchBook finally launched, though only with around 75,000 titles included. [More]


FAA Panel To Recommend Allowing Use Of Electronic Devices During Takeoff & Landing

Since last June, a Federal Aviation Administration Panel advisory panel has been gearing up to finalize its recommendation on how the agency could maybe perhaps allow the use of personal electronic devices during flights. That means you could be listening to music, texting, emailing and otherwise tapping away on your whathaveyou during landing and takeoff instead of gripping the armrests like your life depends on it. If that’s your thing, that is. [More]

Amazon To Give Discounts On Kindle Versions Of Books You Already Own

Amazon To Give Discounts On Kindle Versions Of Books You Already Own

Are there books sitting on your bookshelf that you purchased a while back but haven’t gotten around to reading because it’s so much more convenient to fire up your Kindle, iPad or other device and read an e-book? Then Amazon is set to launch a new program you might be interested in. [More]

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DOJ Proposal: Apple Must Let Amazon, Barnes & Noble Sell E-Books Through iOS Apps

Though there are Kindle and Nook apps for iPhone and iPad, restrictions put in place by Apple prevent users from actually making e-book purchases via those apps without those companies having to pay a hefty commission to Apple. You can’t even see the prices Amazon and Barnes & Noble charge for e-books, thus making it difficult to comparison shop. But as part of the proposed remedies following Apple’s loss in the recent e-book price-fixing case, the Justice Dept. says consumers should have the option of buying e-books on iOS devices from Apple’s competition. [More]

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Amazon Wriggles Its Way Around Apple’s Restrictions With Update To Kindle iOS App

It’s kind of like that song lyric, “Do a little dance, make a little love/get down tonight.” Except in this case the little dance is Amazon’s tricky runaround of Apple’s app restrictions, the love-making is a free sample of an e-book and getting down tonight is well, reading, I suppose. Amazon has pulled off a neat trick with its latest update to the Kindle iOS app in order to skirt Apple’s rules about in-app purchases.


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I Won’t Get Trapped In Kindle Replacement Purgatory Again

When you own a gadget with a design flaw that’s covered under a warranty, warranty replacements don’t give you the comfort or peace of mind that they should. They’re just a sign that you remain trapped in Gadget Replacement Purgatory, doomed to experience the same failures over and over. [More]

My Late Mother’s Broken Kindle Leaves Me Brokenhearted, Amazon Goes Above & Beyond

Consumerist reader K. had one very important reminder of her late mother — her mom’s beloved Kindle. She says her mom treated it like a sensitive piece of electronic equipment, and really loved it. Every night when K. went to bed, she would read a book on the device and says it always made her smile and think of her mother. But when that Kindle broke, it seemed those sentimental moments would be over for good. [More]


Report: Amazon Working On 3-D Smartphone

Amazon has done pretty well with its Kindle line of e-readers and tablets, but it looks like the company is determined to expand beyond the market of “things to read and watch stuff on.” A new report says the e-tailer is working on a pair of devices different from any hardware it has released before. [More]

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Amazon To Buy Goodreads, And Owns Part Or All Of Its Competitors, Too

Social book review site Goodreads is growing quickly, with 16 million members, partly because of its reputation as a source for independent user reviews of books. It’s main competition, Shelfari and LibraryThing are both partly or completely owned by Amazon. Yesterday, Goodreads announced that they were joining their competitors at the seller of cat litter and fine literature alike. [More]