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Kiosk That Copies And Stores Keys Expands To Lowe’s Stores, Your Smartphone

A few years ago, we shared the news that a company had placed do-it-yourself key duplication kiosks in some 7-Eleven stores in New York City. Since then, key kiosks (keyosks?) have expanded across the country, and the company that we wrote about back in 2013 has announced a deal with home-improvement megastore Lowe’s. [More]

Magical Kiosk Prints New House Keys For Absent-Minded People

Magical Kiosk Prints New House Keys For Absent-Minded People

Imagine this scene: you’ve locked yourself out of your apartment. You could climb in the window, call up a locksmith for emergency service, or finally put to use all of those hours you spent teaching the cat how to operate a deadbolt. Or you could walk to a nearby kiosk, provide a thumbprint, and receive an exact copy of your key. [More]