4 Things That Make Airline Boarding A Complete Mess

4 Things That Make Airline Boarding A Complete Mess

For decades, airlines around the world have spent untold fortunes analyzing passenger behavior and plane design to come up with the best way to squeeze all those people into a jet in a timely fashion, and yet no one has cracked the code and passengers still get stuck in long lines, often because of the same old reasons. [More]


Kroger Uses Infrared Cameras To Cut Customer Wait Times

My first job was at a mom-and-pop grocery store. We normally had only one checkout line open, but if things backed up, someone would just hop on the other register and the logjam would ease. Seems like a simple enough concept, but apparently too simple for a supermarket chain like Kroger, which has turned to high-tech infrared cameras to improve its customers’ wait times. [More]