Credit Cards From Amazon, Office Depot, Staples, Best Buy, Toys R Us Have Highest APRs


It can be so tempting — You’re about to make a big purchase at a retail store when the cashier says you can save all sorts of money by applying for a store credit card. But what they rarely make clear to you is that the card you’re applying for often comes with a sky-high interest rate — and those rates are going higher. [More]

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The FDA Asks That You Please Not Ingest Pure Powdered Caffeine

People have been drinking caffeinated beverages for centuries, and popping caffeine pills for decades, and the Food and Drug Administration currently puts no hard limit on caffeine content in food. But the recent death of an Ohio teen who ingested the pure powdered form of caffeine has the FDA warning consumers against the incredibly potent stimulant. [More]

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Police: Hey, Knuckleheads — The Bathroom Of Chuck E. Cheese’s Is No Place To Be Smoking Heroin

Not that there’s anywhere you should be doing illegal drugs, but public places are exceptionally awful venues for such activities And ratcheting up the inappropriate level to 11? Smoking heroin in the bathroom of a Chuck E. Cheese, as police say two “knuckleheads” decided to do in California. [More]


FCC Could Use Mergers To Force Net Neutrality, But Shouldn’t

It’s a big year for the FCC. It’s got two huge mergers to review — Comcast/Time Warner Cable, AT&T/DirecTV — while also trying to reinstate the recently gutted net neutrality laws without ticking off the entire Internet. These related issues put the FCC in a position to force some cable operators to accept stricter net neutrality, but that’s really just kicking the can down the road. [More]

Why Sprint’s Case For T-Mobile Merger Is Logical But Bad For Consumers

Why Sprint’s Case For T-Mobile Merger Is Logical But Bad For Consumers

Japanese telecom giant SoftBank owns a controlling share of Sprint and has made no attempt to hide its desire to acquire T-Mobile USA and merge the two companies into one. It’s a plan that makes sense from a business point of view, but could be a disaster for consumers. [More]


Study: Taking On The “Cinnamon Challenge” Could Severely Mess Up Your Lungs

Perhaps you’re the kind of person who finds the idea of eating large amounts of cinnamon in order to impress your friends intriguing. Before you take on the so-called “cinnamon challenge” however, you should know that some researchers are finding that not only is it dangerous while you’re doing it — with effects like choking, gagging, a burning sensation — but it could damage your lungs in the long-run. [More]


Consumer Advocates To Senators: American Airlines & US Airways Merger Would Hurt Fliers

Today American Airlines and its betrothed, US Airways had to defend their proposed merger in front of a Senate hearing and several consumer advocates. Citing higher fares, reduced service to smaller communities in the U.S. and a loss of competition among carriers, opponents of the impending nuptials testified at a Judiciary Committee hearing that such a joint venture would hurt consumers. [More]

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Massachusetts Court: Retailers Can’t Ask For ZIP Codes To Verify Credit Card Purchases

Don’t want your mailbox crammed with circulars? Neither did a Massachusetts resident who used a credit card at Michaels and was asked for her ZIP code to complete the transaction in 2011. She’s not alone — a few years ago California ruled against retailers that asked customers for ZIP codes when using credit cards. [More]

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Perhaps The Only Good Thing About Expensive Gas Is The Decrease In Teens Driving Drunk

Trying to think of any reason paying more at the pump is a good thing would stump the average consumer (thinner wallets after paying with cash?), but one and possibly the only good side effect of pricey gas is that it could be keeping drunk teens from driving. After all, high school jobs and allowances can only stretch so far. [More]

Joe the Pig asks Trader Joe's to stop selling antibiotic-filled pork. (Consumerist/MBQ)

“Meat Without Drugs” Campaign Brings Its Piggy Pal To Rally At Trader Joe’s In NYC

We’re not sure if the folks at Trader Joe’s had ever seen a giant pig named Joe beg the company to get him off drugs, but as of this morning in NYC, things have changed. Consumers Union, the policy and advocacy arm of our benevolent overlords at Consumer Reports, showed up with a team of other consumer and environmental advocacy groups to urge the grocery chain not to sell meat raised on antibiotics. [More]

Student Group Tells Santa Fe To Ban Plastic Bags To Help "Everybody In The Universe"

Student Group Tells Santa Fe To Ban Plastic Bags To Help "Everybody In The Universe"

Santa Fe believes the children are its future, and as such, its leaders say they are listening very seriously to a group of students who are urging the city to ban plastic bags in grocery stores and other places that use them. The kids have solid reasoning — as one fifth-grader said, “Stop using plastic bags and help everybody in the universe including people who are going to be alive in the future.” [More]

How About Some Cocaine To Go Along With That Terrorism Textbook You Ordered On Amazon?

How About Some Cocaine To Go Along With That Terrorism Textbook You Ordered On Amazon?

A college student was a bit surprised when she opened a used textbook on terrorism that she’d ordered from Amazon, and a package of cocaine fell out. Perhaps whoever sent it thought she might need an extra kick for those hours of studying. [More]

Sprint Officially Asks FCC To Block AT&T Purchase Of T-Mobile

Sprint Officially Asks FCC To Block AT&T Purchase Of T-Mobile

Since AT&T announced its plans to purchase T-Mobile USA for around $39 billion, the folks at Sprint have been quite public about their opposition to the deal, taking out mocking ads and testifying before lawmakers in Washington. Yesterday, Sprint made its stance official, filing a “Petition to Deny” the deal with the Federal Communications Commission. [More]