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T-Mobile: We Shouldn’t Be Sued Over Bill-Cramming Because We’re Not Doing It Anymore & We’re Super-Sorry

Earlier this afternoon, the Federal Trade Commission filed a complaint against T-Mobile, alleging the wireless carrier made hundreds of millions of dollars off of bogus premium text-messaging charges “crammed” onto customers’ bills. The response from T-Mobile CEO John Legere isn’t exactly what you would describe as contrite. [More]

T-Mobile CEO John Legere Compares AT&T And Verizon To Rapists, Apologizes

T-Mobile CEO John Legere Compares AT&T And Verizon To Rapists, Apologizes

Last night, T-Mobile announced two cool new programs to entice potential subscribers: streaming music won’t count against customers’ data caps, and a test-drive program so people considering ditching their current carrier can give T-Mobile a try. Those are great, but one passing remark of Legere’s during his presentation drew some negative attention earlier today. (Warning – rape reference and F-bomb.) [More]

T-Mobile Claims “AT&T Dismantles Death Star” In Mocking Press Release

T-Mobile Claims “AT&T Dismantles Death Star” In Mocking Press Release

Weeks after crashing AT&T’s big Las Vegas party at CES, T-Mobile CEO John Legere continues to poke the lion with a stick. This time, T-Mobile has issued a press release — complete with fake quotes from an actual AT&T exec — applauding the telecom giant for its decision to “leave the dark side, step into the light.” [More]

T-Mobile CEO John Legere, right, with CNET's Roger Cheng at the AT&T CES event on Monday night.

AT&T Ejects Party-Crashing T-Mobile CEO

While some at T-Mobile might still have some emotional scars from its failed engagement to AT&T, T-Mobile CEO John Legere has no such connection, having joined the company in 2012, after federal regulators nixed the marriage. Since then, the leather-jacketed MIT grad has occasionally taken to picking on the Death Star and its stuffy reputation. The latest stunt involved crashing AT&T’s private party at CES on Monday. [More]

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T-Mobile CEO Says Shared Data Plans Could Be Felled With All That Porn You’re Watching

Everybody likes a CEO that says outrageous things and talks smack about the competition while wearing the “Look, I’m a regular guy like you!” outfit of a T-shirt and blazer. The above reasons are all part of why John Legere of T-Mobile scored a win with his recent Q&A session during the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. And also he mentioned pornography, a guaranteed ear pricker-upper. [More]