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Wife Of Amazon’s Founder Gives Book About Amazon A 1-Star Rating — On Amazon, Of Course

At first it might seem odd for Mackenzie Bezos, wife of Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos, to lay out exactly how much she disliked The Everything Store, a book about all things Amazon on the very site that the book is about. But actually, it makes perfect sense. Billionaires — they’re just like us! [More]

(Chris Rief aka Spodie Odie)

Jeff Bezos Buys Washington Post For $250 Million, Gets A Few Add-On Items

Newspapers are dirt cheap these days. If you’ve always dreamed of owning one, it’s time to scoop one up. The headline took a lot of people by surprise: Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, bought the Washington Post. What, like he downloaded it on his Kindle? No, he bought the entire paper from the Washington Post Company for $250 million in cash. [More]


Does Amazon Actually Sell Its Kindles At Cost?

Since people first began dissecting Amazon’s Kindle e-readers, it’s been believed that the online giant isn’t making much of a profit of the devices. Now the company’s CEO has publicly stated that there is no profit margin on the Kindle. [More]

EECB To Amazon's Jeff Bezos Results In A Very Happy Ending

EECB To Amazon's Jeff Bezos Results In A Very Happy Ending

The first step in resolving a customer service issue isn’t to email the CEO of a company, but if nothing else works, why not? Lia used Consumerist’s Executive Email Carpet Bomb listings to get in touch with Jeff Bezos of Amazon and lo and behold, success! [More] Predicts NCAA Win Predicts NCAA Win

Jeff Bezos knows something about tonight’s NCAA basketball championship game the rest of us don’t.

Bezos is a Toy’s R Us Kid

Bezos is a Toy’s R Us Kid

Jeff Bezos, CEO, is a Toy’s-R-Us Kid.