Jeff Bezos Wedding His Companies With Preinstalled Washington Post App On New Kindle Fire

Back when Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos bought himself the Washington Post, many wondered how/if he’d connect his online retail company with the newspaper (and of course, web site, since this is 2014), or just keep them both in his property pen. It seems he’s ready to introduce these two as a couple, by joining them together in Amazon’s next Kindle Fire tablets. [More]

The reviews are in.

Wife Of Amazon’s Founder Gives Book About Amazon A 1-Star Rating — On Amazon, Of Course

At first it might seem odd for Mackenzie Bezos, wife of Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos, to lay out exactly how much she disliked The Everything Store, a book about all things Amazon on the very site that the book is about. But actually, it makes perfect sense. Billionaires — they’re just like us! [More]

(Chris Rief aka Spodie Odie)

Jeff Bezos Buys Washington Post For $250 Million, Gets A Few Add-On Items

Newspapers are dirt cheap these days. If you’ve always dreamed of owning one, it’s time to scoop one up. The headline took a lot of people by surprise: Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, bought the Washington Post. What, like he downloaded it on his Kindle? No, he bought the entire paper from the Washington Post Company for $250 million in cash. [More]


Does Amazon Actually Sell Its Kindles At Cost?

Since people first began dissecting Amazon’s Kindle e-readers, it’s been believed that the online giant isn’t making much of a profit of the devices. Now the company’s CEO has publicly stated that there is no profit margin on the Kindle. [More]

EECB To Amazon's Jeff Bezos Results In A Very Happy Ending

EECB To Amazon's Jeff Bezos Results In A Very Happy Ending

The first step in resolving a customer service issue isn’t to email the CEO of a company, but if nothing else works, why not? Lia used Consumerist’s Executive Email Carpet Bomb listings to get in touch with Jeff Bezos of Amazon and lo and behold, success! [More]

Amazon.com Predicts NCAA Win

Amazon.com Predicts NCAA Win

Jeff Bezos knows something about tonight’s NCAA basketball championship game the rest of us don’t.

Bezos is a Toy’s R Us Kid

Bezos is a Toy’s R Us Kid

Jeff Bezos, Amazon.com CEO, is a Toy’s-R-Us Kid.