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Regulators Gearing Up To Take Action On Slow-Moving Takata, Jeep Recall Fixes

After months of expressing concern over the slow-moving pace automobile and parts manufacturers have taken to remedy defects associated with nearly 1.5 million Jeeps that can explode following low-speed rear-end collisions and more than 25 million vehicles equipped with defective, shrapnel-shooting airbags, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is poised to take aggressive action to better ensure the safety of owners of those vehicles.  [More]

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NHTSA Head Considers Reopening Investigation Into Fiery Jeep Crashes Tied To 75 Deaths

Following a week in which the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration closed two investigations without finding a defect or ordering a recall, the agency appears to be poised to reopen a probe into older Jeeps involved in fiery rear-end crashes. [More]

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Regulators Investigating Jeep, Nissan SUVs After Receiving Fire, Airbag Complaints

Having your car fill with smoke while driving down the road or finding that the airbags don’t deploy properly during an accident are most definitely causes for concern. That’s why the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has opened investigations into thousands of Jeep Cherokees and Nissan Rogues. [More]

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Chrysler Recalls 350,000 Vehicles For A Variety Of Ignition Switch Issues

After going three days without a vehicle recall we now return you to your regularly scheduled programing – er, recall notice. Chrysler announced today that it would voluntarily call back nearly 350,000 vehicles for ignition switch issues. [More]

This Is How You Sell A Used Jeep On Craigslist

This Is How You Sell A Used Jeep On Craigslist

Here at Consumerist, we’re fans of Jeeps, especially those of us who are named Meg. Jeeps aren’t the only four-wheel-drive vehicles that you can take off the road, but they are a worldwide icon of outdoorsiness and badassery, both of which should be actual words. When it came time to sell his Jeep, an Oklahoma man opened up a Craigslist posting window and knew exactly what to do. [More]

How I Stopped A Jeep Dealership From Ripping Me Off

How I Stopped A Jeep Dealership From Ripping Me Off

We can’t name the specific Jeep dealership where Andy recently brought his car, but can offer his story as a cautionary tale. His experience confirms what we all secretly fear while speaking to service representatives: anyone who doesn’t source their own parts and have their own copy of the service manual is pretty much screwed. [More]