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Delta Cutting Some International Flights Later This Year

If you were planning to fly Delta Air Lines for an overseas trip this holiday season, you might want to start making other plans. The airline aims to cut its international flights by about 3% during the last three months of 2015. [More]

Experimental Crocs Store In Tokyo Brings You Shoes With Drone

Experimental Crocs Store In Tokyo Brings You Shoes With Drone

If you’ve always thought that shoe stores would be improved by replacing salespeople with drones, well, you’re going to have to wait a while before you can experience your dream. The technology apparently isn’t quite here yet. As a promotion for a new shoe line, Crocs has a store in Tokyo where customers tap on a pair of shoes on an iPad, and a green Crocs-branded drone fetches the item and brings it to them. [More]

Uber Must End Pilot Ride-Sharing Program In Japan

Uber Must End Pilot Ride-Sharing Program In Japan

Ride-hailing app Uber does a small amount of business in Japan. Until now, their drivers have been existing drivers of taxis and private cars for hire. The company has been experimenting with a ride-sharing service in the city of Fukuoka. They thought it would get around regulations by not having passengers pay for their rides. That did not work. [More]

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Taco Bell Is Heading To Japan

Will tacos, burritos and all the combinations in between work in a place where raw fish is the nation’s popular cuisine? One restaurant group in Japan seems to think so, with the announcement that it signed a franchise agreement with Yum Brands to open Taco Bell restaurants in the country. [More]


McDonald’s Customers In Japan Can Only Order Small Orders Of Fries Due To Potato Shortage

The next time you pull up to a McDonald’s drive-thru window and order a large serving of French fries, drop one on the ground for our comrades in Japan, where customers can only get small orders of fries right now. What fresh hell is this? [More]

Doritos Offers Limited-Time Christmas Tree-Shaped Chips In Japan

Doritos Offers Limited-Time Christmas Tree-Shaped Chips In Japan

Do you think that seasonal snacks have gotten out of hand here in the United States? Maybe they have, but that doesn’t make a new holiday themed product from Doritos in Japan any less amazing. They’re selling soup-flavored green tortilla chips…shaped like Christmas trees. [More]

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McDonald’s Japan Also Gets Into The Black Burger Game

Because there is nothing more appealing than a slab of dark gray meat on a dark gray bun, McDonald’s Japan has followed Burger King’s lead and introduced a burger that doesn’t look like anything you’d really want to eat. [More]

Cats Take Over Pizza Hut Japan, Serve Fur-Stuffed Crust And Cuteness

Cats Take Over Pizza Hut Japan, Serve Fur-Stuffed Crust And Cuteness

Do you enjoy Pizza Hut’s products, but wish they could be served up by someone with a surly, anti-customer attitude, no food service or management skills, and with a generous sprinkling of cat hair on everything? Perhaps you would enjoy the fantasy world in current Pizza Hut ads in Japan, where cats have been hired to run a Pizza Hut franchise because OH MY GOODNESS LOOK AT THE KITTY. [More]

Zombie Brands: Woolworth’s, Mister Donut, Other Iconic Brands Prosper Outside U.S.

Zombie Brands: Woolworth’s, Mister Donut, Other Iconic Brands Prosper Outside U.S.

In this day and age, when something dies it just comes back as a zombie (we imagine anyway). That’s exactly what once prosperous American brands are doing across the world. Names like Pan Am, Woolworth’s and Mister Donut easily evoke thoughts of nostalgia for Americans, but in other parts of the world the brands are alive and well. [More]


Want A Grilled Apple Burger With Cinnamon Mayonnaise? Visit Burger King Japan

There are three important features that make Burger King in Japan a very different experience: apples, booze, and couches, or ABC. Apples? Yes, Burger King has brought back their limited-time apple burgers in Japan, which feature grilled apple slices instead of tomatoes. Are they any good? [More]

You’ll Have To Go To Japan To Get Avocado and Cheese Doritos

You’ll Have To Go To Japan To Get Avocado and Cheese Doritos

Our site mission is to bring you the very latest in cutting-edge snack technology, and also some incidental consumer news. As part of that mission, we’re sharing the wonderful news that avocado and cheese Doritos are now officially a thing…that you can only buy in Japan. [More]

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Meet The Cheeseburger With An Egg… And A Rib Patty, Shrimp Patty, And Much More

No, this is not another joke secret menu item. With at least nine different layers incorporating multiple types of meat, greens, cheeses, and an egg, this monstrosity from Japanese fast food chain Lotteria truly lives up to its name. [More]

Bizarro Snack Time: Bacon-Flavored Doritos And Pepsi-Flavored Cheetos

Bizarro Snack Time: Bacon-Flavored Doritos And Pepsi-Flavored Cheetos

The world has pretty much accepted that the next Doritos Locos Tacos flavor from Taco Bell will be the chili-lime deliciousness of Flamas. That’s only because most of us didn’t know that the Frito-Lay/Yum Brands universe also contains other simultaneously amazing and horrible flavors that are only available in Japan. Like bacon Doritos and Pepsi-flavored Cheetos. [More]

Nothing says BBQ like blue drink.

Cocktail Pairings At Tokyo Burger Kings Prove Yet Again That Other Countries Have More Fun

Sometimes it’s like, ugh, so what if we have tacos in Doritos shells? Who even cares that the McRib only shows up once a year (that is rhetorical, please refrain from McRib-related hate mail)? Other countries get to have all the fun. Like a 2-ring circus pizza with a cherry on top in Singapore or the Nacho Whopper of the Netherlands, cocktail pairings with your Burger King will only be happening across the sea, this time in Tokyo. [More]

Without An Address, FedEx Still Tracks Me Down In Tokyo


Jeff is an American who currently lives and works in Tokyo, Japan. Tokyo is a dense and baffling city, and his bank, USAA, created a huge problem when they sent him a check using FedEx but sort of forgot to include his street address. In a city of millions and in a neighborhood of 300,000, FedEx’s challenge was to find one foreign dude. They could have just sent the envelope back to USAA. Instead, they accepted the challenge and got the package to Jeff before the original delivery estimate was up. [More]


Nobody At Brother USA Knows How To Forward An E-Mail

Fifty years ago, while her husband was in the military and stationed in Japan, Lance’s grandmother bought a lovely Brother sewing machine. She has now handed it down to Lance’s wife. The nice thing is that she still had the manual, but that manual is only in Japanese, since the machine was only sold on the Japanese market. The machine has all kinds of advanced features that Mrs. Lance can’t access, because she can’t read Japanese. Maybe, Lance thought, Brother has the manual available for purchase, or even in digital form. [More]

Domino’s Japan: Have A Synthetic Pop Star With Your Chain Pizza

Cute...like Hatsune Niku!

Here at Consumerist, we’re fond of cross-cultural exchanges that involve fast food. Okay, we just like anything that involves fast food. We particularly relish news of menu items and promotions that American fast-food joints don’t offer in their home country, like the seven-patty Whopper. Domino’s Japan has taken a great step forward by combining a famous artificial pop star, an iPhone app, an incredibly awkward YouTube video, and what we can only guess are songs about pizza. [More]

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Unless You’re Of The Teenage Mutant Turtle Variety, You Likely Can’t Make A Living As A Ninja

While the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would surely disagree, the masked fighters on a half-shell are an exception to some very upsetting news: It is probably impossible to make a living as a professional ninja nowadays. That shattering you hear is the sound of innumerable broken hearts formerly set on a life of ninjaness. [More]