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Life Lessons: Curb Your Love Of Neil Diamond While Your Phone Is Roaming Or Pay $4,300

On the one hand, satiating a burning desire to hear the sweet, sweet vocal stylings of Neil Diamond piped directly into your ear at the exact moment you want to hear them could make anyone act crazy. But one woman didn’t realize that getting Diamond-on-demand isn’t so great for the old wallet if you’re downloading an entire album while your phone is roaming. [More]

Amazon Begins Issuing Credits From E-Book Price-Fixing Lawsuit

Amazon Begins Issuing Credits From E-Book Price-Fixing Lawsuit

While Apple is still fighting the court’s ruling that it was involved in e-book price-fixing with America’s largest book publishing companies, those publishers have all reached settlements with the various regulators, attorneys general, and others over the same allegations that they colluded to set an inflated price on e-books. Today, Amazon began issuing credit to its customers who paid too much because of the publishers’ actions. [More]


Apple Pushes Record Labels To Offer Exclusive iTunes Content, Block Initial Streaming

While Apple is still trying to fight its loss in last year’s e-book price-fixing lawsuit, a new report claims the electronics giant is making controversial waves in the music industry by pushing record companies to make Apple the exclusive venue for new releases. [More]

Who Wins The Streaming-Service Wars? Netflix, Pretty Much

Who Wins The Streaming-Service Wars? Netflix, Pretty Much

There are many different video-streaming services available to consumers now, but it shouldn’t be difficult to figure out which one is right for you. It all depends on what your favorite shows are, since different streaming services have their own agreements with content providers, and produce their own exclusive content as well. Which one is best? Well, what’s your favorite show? [More]

“Kid-Friendly” Plastic Surgery Apps Pop Up On Apple, Google Stores

“Kid-Friendly” Plastic Surgery Apps Pop Up On Apple, Google Stores

Because there’s nothing children love more than animated fat-shaming and liposuction, a supposedly youngster-friendly plastic surgery app has popped up in various forms (and has also been taken down) on both Google Play Store the and Apple App Store. [More]

"Someone said 'lawsuit'?"

Breaking Bad Fan Sues Apple Over Split 5th Season

Our readers, largely people with excellent taste in TV, complained when they realized that buying a “season pass” to download the fifth season of the TV show “Breaking Bad” only entitles them to download the first half of the fifth season. One viewer has taken this a step further, suing Apple. [More]

I Have To Pay Another $23 Because 5th Season Of Breaking Bad Was Split In Half

I Have To Pay Another $23 Because 5th Season Of Breaking Bad Was Split In Half

Martin is really annoyed. Last year, he bought season 5 of “Breaking Bad” on iTunes, which means that the fresh episodes should show up on his Apple TV at the same time they air on cable. After all, the episodes on now are the second half of the fifth season, not the sixth season. [More]

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Apple Exec: I Protected Consumers From High E-Book Prices By Letting Publishers Set High E-Book Prices

Earlier today, Apple executive Eddy Cue — the architect of the company’s iTunes and e-book business — took the stand in court to face questions about his company’s role in alleged price-fixing of the e-book market, where he admitted that Apple had actually mulled over an even worse idea than mere price-fixing. [More]


Apple Inches Closer To Streaming Music Service

Given that Apple reshaped the music industry with the iPod, it’s still a bit of a surprise that it’s been so far behind the curve on launching its own streaming music service. But a new report claims that Apple is now closing deals that would clear the way for it to stream away, right into users’ ears. [More]


Mike Doughty Writes A 10th Birthday Song For iTunes Music Store

Happy birthday, iTunes Store! The music-buying platform, which later expanded to sell videos, mobile applications, and books, opened on April 28, 2003. Yahoo commissioned folk singer-songwriter Mike Doughty to write the service a little birthday song, which describes the key iTunes experience of downloading entire discographies in the wee hours of the morning while drunk. The song is not available via iTunes. [Yahoo Music] (Thanks, Angelos!) [More]


How To Avoid Handing Your Tot A Blank Check Made Out To Apple

Maybe you sneer at posts such at this one about a five-year-old who bought $2,500 worth of digital cars in mere minutes, or this one about a child who spent $1,400 on Smurfberries on her parents’ iPad. You’d never be so stupid as to hand a child a device with the password already entered and ready to go. Jamie might have said the same thing…until she did. [More]


Apple Sympathizes With My Need To Listen To One Song On Repeat For Hours On End

Elaine was suffering. In the midst of an overwhelming obsession with the song “Our Love” by Al Jarreau, she lost access to the song on her iPhone and was thrown into severe withdrawal. How could she  make it through her 45-minute train ride without it? She needed Apple’s help, and she needed it bad. [More]

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Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Would Love To Have iTunes On His Android Devices

Although Steve Wozniak helped Steve Jobs found Apple back in the day, he’s a man of many technologies and uses Android devices in his daily life. But he thinks Google and Apple should be able to get along, because Apple and Windows managed to do so so it can’t be totallyimpossible. He expressed his desire to get iTunes on his Android devices yesterday during a tech-new site Q&A. [More]

AT&T And Apple Pass The Buck, Blame Each Other For Non-Working iPhone 5

AT&T And Apple Pass The Buck, Blame Each Other For Non-Working iPhone 5

Kevin was excited to buy a new iPhone 5 last week, but the iPhone was much less excited to go home with him. He left for a business trip and discovered that the phone wouldn’t come out of airplane mode. What was wrong? Had he only spent a few hours with the phone before it decided to rebel against Kevin and against the very AT&T network that was supposed to give it life? He sought help, but the carrier and the phone manufacturer each refuse to take responsibility for the problem. [More]

Bruce Willis Isn't Suing Apple Over Who Owns His iTunes Library, But Maybe Someone Should

Bruce Willis Isn't Suing Apple Over Who Owns His iTunes Library, But Maybe Someone Should

Over the holiday weekend, an odd story spread across the Internet newsosphere. It seemed plausible enough: actor Bruce Willis, allegedly concerned that his children wouldn’t be able to inherit his iTunes library in the event of his untimely demise, was suing Apple to fix this grave injustice. Only it turned out not to be true. The part about Bruce Willis, that is. The part about how access to the files we “purchase” on iTunes dies when we do? That part is totally true. [More]

Apple Solves iTunes Account Problem By Locking You Out Of Account

Apple Solves iTunes Account Problem By Locking You Out Of Account

Michael was having a pretty minor problem with playing television programs in iTunes. Sure, it doesn’t even rank as the a serious first world problem, but he contacted Apple to get it resolved, because that’s what Apple is supposed to do. A senior representative tried to resolve the problem by resetting his iTunes password. Nice idea if it had worked. It didn’t. Now this cord-cutter, who uses his Apple TV to catch up with favorite shows, can’t watch those shows at all. Being locked out of his iTunes account and all. [More]

People Are Actually Buying Music Again

People Are Actually Buying Music Again

Reports of the music industry’s death may be premature. According to the results of a new study, not only are more people buying music, but some are doing so after hearing the tunes for free on the Internet. [More]

Sony Responds To Bummed Out Fans By Raising The Price On Whitney Houston's Album

While fans of Whitney Houston mourned her death, fondly remembering belting her tunes into hairbrushes in bedrooms everywhere, Sony Music appears to be primed and ready to make a big stack of cash off our nostalgic appreciation, hiking up the price of her greatest hits album hours after her demise on Saturday. [More]