You Can Now Share Tweets Using Twitter’s Direct Messages

Though it might seem like a feature that should’ve been in place already, the ability for Twitter users to share tweets of interest via the platform’s direct messages option is something the company just rolled out this week. [More]

Line'em up, boys. (catastrophegirl)

Kids Tasked With Dumping Alaska Village’s “Honey Buckets” Likely Psyched To Finally Get Indoor Plumbing

Aren’t chores the worst, kids? Yes, sure, taking out the trash and emptying the dishwasher are both bummer gigs, but let’s all just thank our lucky stars that we were never in charge of dumping buckets of human waste at the town receptacle. To that end, kids in one Alaska village where many homes don’t have indoor plumbing are probably pretty pumped to hear that “honey bucket” duty is almost at an end. [More]


The iWatch Is Apparently A Real Thing In That Apple Applied For A Trademark In Japan

In a highly technological world where it seems like there’s nothing new to get excited about — Flying cars? Whatever. Holograms? Yawn! — one thing that has a consistent buzz around it is the oft-rumored iWatch. An iPad for your wrist, a stylish accessory for the techiest techie! In other words, what digital dreams are made of. But before now, there wasn’t much solid evidence that Apple was working on such a thing…. (dramatic pause) until now. [More]

FCC To Test Mobile Broadband Speeds… In Due Time

FCC To Test Mobile Broadband Speeds… In Due Time

For two years now, the Federal Communications Commission has been looking at terrestrial broadband services to see which DSL/cable/fiber/string-and-cans providers are actually delivering the speeds they promise. So it only makes sense for the FCC to start looking at just how quickly U.S. consumers are able to download data over mobile networks. Unfortunately, the federal government still moves at the speed of a crappy dial-up line. [More]