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People And Businesses Named ‘Isis’ Really Don’t Want To Change Their Names

What irritating problem do a fictional Labrador retriever, a pharmaceutical company, a spiritual bookstore in Denver, my old Honda Accord, and women and girls all over the world have in common? They’re all named Isis. After a terrorist group best known by that name claimed credit for the bombing of a Russian airliner and a shooting spree in the city of Paris, the group’s name has been in the news constantly. This isn’t working out so well for companies and people called Isis. [More]

Belgian Chocolate Company ISIS Decides It’s A Pretty Good Idea To Change Its Name Right About Now

(ISIS Chocolates)

It was only last year when a Belgian chocolate company called Italo Suisse decided to change its name. After all, 90 years after its founding, the business had no real connections to either Italy or Switzerland anymore. But yeah, if anyone at the company had realized there was another ISIS out there, that would definitely not have been the name it chose to switch too. [More]

Toyota Recalls A Million Cars for Faulty Steering Wheel

Toyota Recalls A Million Cars for Faulty Steering Wheel

If you own a Toyota Prius, you may want to bring it into your local dealership. Just pray that the steering wheel doesn’t break off in your hands on the way.