Steve Jobs Called The Competition With Google’s Android System A “Holy War”

How devoted was the late Steve Jobs to the company he co-founded? Devoted enough for him to liken Apple’s competition with Google’s Android operating system to a “holy war,” according to emails unearthed by Samsung’s lawyers as part of the Korean company’s legal fight against Apple. [More]


Apple And Samsung Back In Court For Round Eleventy Billion Of Their Legal Fight

What’s happened once has happened before, and will happen again. Whether or not you ascribe to that kind of Battlestar Galactica/Rust Cohle on True Detective life view, it certainly feels like seeing Apple and Samsung in the legal ring again was inevitable. We’re on about round eleventy billion, give or take an eleventy, as the two head back to court today in a dustup over patents. Again. [More]

Report: iPhone Catches Fire While In Teen’s Back Pocket

Report: iPhone Catches Fire While In Teen’s Back Pocket

Having a hot electronic gadget that’s all the rage is one thing, but having it actually be so hot that it burns its owner is an entirely other unfortunate reality. A teenage girl in Maine found that out the painful way when her iPhone reportedly caught fire in her pocket one morning at school. [More]

Alleged Original iPhone Prototype Pops Up On eBay For $1,499

Alleged Original iPhone Prototype Pops Up On eBay For $1,499

An eBay seller says his wife is making him part ways with some of the stuff he’s collected over the years, which is why he’s listed what he claims is an engineering prototype of the original Apple iPhone for sale for $1,499. [More]

Shazam Finally Becomes A Useful App By Also Becoming Slightly Terrifying

Shazam Finally Becomes A Useful App By Also Becoming Slightly Terrifying

I’ve always been a bit perplexed by Shazam, the app that listens to music and other media and (hopefully) identifies it. That alone can be useful, especially when you’re out somewhere and trying to figure out the name of a song playing in the background, or the artist performing said song. Problem is, it always took so darn long for Shazam to start up that it rarely had the time to listen to a sufficient portion of the tune I desperately needed to name. Now the makers of Shazam have figured out a way to speed up that process — by always having the app listening to your every sound, even when the phone is locked. [More]

So bright.

Walmart Will Start Selling The iPhone 5c For $27 (With A 2-Year Contract) On Friday

Wait… this Friday isn’t even the day after Thanksgiving and already I’m sensing hordes of people seeking a big discount crashing through the doors at Walmart. And I know I didn’t get that time machine working yet, so the fact that Walmart is selling the iPhone 5c for $27 on Friday must be some kind of crazy freak sale. [More]

Gas Station Clerk’s Phone Saves Him From Would-Be Robber’s Bullet

Gas Station Clerk’s Phone Saves Him From Would-Be Robber’s Bullet

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard a friend complain about a phone with a shattered screen, I’d be the known as That Girl With Lots Of Nickels. But perhaps just this one time a phone owner is likely grateful to his broken phone for doing him a tiny favor and stopping a bullet. [More]

iOS App Vulnerability Allows Hackers To Attack Device Via WiFi

iOS App Vulnerability Allows Hackers To Attack Device Via WiFi

A group of mobile security researchers say they have discovered a vulnerability in many mobile apps running on iOS that could allow a hacker to hijack the information being provided to a mobile device when used over an unsecured WiFi network. [More]


This Woman Says She’s The Voice Behind The iPhone’s Siri

If you ask Siri, “Siri, where did you get your voice?” she’s probably not going to tell you. In fact, Apple won’t say who, if anyone, is the voice behind the iPhone’s digital assistant. But one voiceover actress says she laid down vocals for a client eight years ago and says those recordings turned into Siri. Making her, in effect, Siri. But without all the handy knowledge. [More]

When Is Taking Someone’s Phone Not Considered “Theft”?

(Van Swearengin)

How long do you need to borrow something before it’s considered stolen? And does the mere act of taking a phone out of someone else’s hands without permission constitute theft? According to an appeals court in California, no. [More]

Is iOS 7 Giving Some iPhone & iPad Users Motion Sickness?

Is iOS 7 Giving Some iPhone & iPad Users Motion Sickness?

Of all the design tweaks and updates to the latest iPhone and iPad operating system, did Apple forget to mention “free motion sickness”? Some users claim the update has left them feeling nauseated, and some experts believe there might be something to it. [More]


Do Not Follow Your iPhone Map App If It Tells You To Cross An Airport Taxiway

There are those who don’t use the Internet, and then there are the people who can’t tear themselves away from it long enough to realize they’re driving onto an airport runway. You can’t blame everything on the checkered past of Apple’s map app for iPhones, after all. [More]

Could someone lift your print and use it to gain access to your phone?

Did These Hackers Just Win $20K, Booze & A Dirty Book By Beating Apple’s Touch ID?

Someone — or, as it turns out, a number of someones — might be the proud new owner(s) of a couple books, a bottle of wine and another of bourbon and oh yeah, around $20,000 in cash after a hacker group claims to have beaten Apple’s new fingerprint scanner, Touch ID. This, just a few days after the iPhone 5S descended on the public. [More]

Armed Robbers Strike iPhone Vigil Crowd In Houston

Armed Robbers Strike iPhone Vigil Crowd In Houston

Yes, people really still do cam out to get their hands on the latest iPhone. The campers outside of an AT&T store in Houston took a calculated risk by waiting there instead of the more popular waiting spot at the Apple Store. The risk didn’t pay off: armed robbers came by in the wee hours of the morning. [More]

(713 Avenue)

Apple Promises To Fix iOS 7 Security Flaw That Renders Lock Screen Useless

Whenever there’s a new operating system released for a smartphone, users get all excited about a sleek new look or increased capabilities. But just like all other releases before it, the fresh iOS 7 for iPhones has its share of issues. Namely, a pretty easy hack that handily sidesteps the security of your lock screen and grants anyone acesss to your apps, including email and social media. [More]


How To Keep iOS 7 From Sucking Your iPhone’s Battery Dry

Whether you’re awaiting the arrival of a shiny technological baby in the form of an iPhone 5C or 5S, the new iOS 7 is here already and iPhone 4 or later users as well as iPad owners may be updating their phones with it. But what if you don’t want your constant companion to lose its battery life due to the upgrade? First of all, stop playing with your phone so dang much, if that’s possible. [More]

Thieves Just Love Plucking Our Apple Products

Thieves Just Love Plucking Our Apple Products

For the last few weeks, every media outlet has been yapping about the proposed (then confirmed) new fingerprint-reading feature of the iPhone 5S. While it’s technologically interesting, the sensor could have an important impact on consumers’ lives and even on the crime rate in major cities. That’s because it could make snatching Apple products from consumers a lot less lucrative. [More]

The neon! My eyes!

Walmart Will Again Sell New iPhones Cheaper Than Apple’s Retail Price

Walmart knows you’re positively panting with anticipation at getting your greedy little paws on Apple’s newest dingledongles, the iPhone 5s and its purty plastic counterpart, the iPhone 5c. And in order to make sure customers come a’swarming through its doors on the big day, the retailer is offering a discount on both phones. [More]