The supposedly "cheap" 5C will be sold for around $733 in mainland China, 33% more than the price in the U.S. and 21% more than what's being charged in Hong Kong.

Apple Charging 33% More In China For “Cheap” iPhone 5C

While some Apple enthusiasts might have been put off by the colorful plastic shells of the new iPhone 5C, it’s hard to complain about the $99 price point. Even the full, unsubsidized price of $549 is lower than what you’d pay for many new, comparable smartphones. But customers in mainland China are scratching their heads and wondering why they are being charged $733 for what is supposed to be a bargain phone. [More]

The World Is Allowed To Continue Turning Now That Apple Has Unveiled New iPhones

The iPhone 5C was one of two new iPhones announced today.

For months, crowds have been huddled outside Apple HQ in Cupertino, CA, residing in makeshift tent cities, living off the land and what food they can barter with townsfolk, all while waiting for the good lord of the manor, Tim Cook, to exit his chambers and announce unto the world the details of a new iPhone. Well, it’s finally happened and… it’s a phone (well, two phones), just like you’d expected. [More]

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With New iPhone Looming, Walmart Announces Smartphone Trade-In Program

The folks at Apple will soon reveal a new iPhone, inevitably leaving some consumers looking at their current device while asking, “What did I ever see in you in the first place?” Walmart, however, still sees some value in that phone you don’t love anymore (especially in terms of its resale value on the secondary market — hubba hubba) and is willing to take it off your hands. But is it a good deal? [More]


Siri Is Apparently Working Through Her Issues With Google Glass

So there’s Siri, holding court in the cafeteria and straight up lovin’ it: Everyone’s asking her questions, and how to do stuff and being like, “But what do you think about this, Siri?” Suddenly everyone is buzzing about the new kid, this Google Glass guy who says he knows a thing or two about this and that. And Siri, apparently, is not taking to sharing the virtual assistant throne well. Or rather she’s taking it with just a grain of sass. Glass sass. [More]

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iPhone Feature Would Tell Friends Not To Bother Calling Because You’re Very Busy & Important

Have you ever had that awful feeling where your phone rings and you see it’s that one friend you haven’t talked to in a while, and although you do have a few minutes to chat it’s just not the time to get into a long, extended, “How’s your baaaaby?” discussion, you still feel awfully guilty hitting “Ignore”? Apple is looking to alleviate some of that guilt with a patent for an iPhone feature that would dissuade friends from calling you when you’re otherwise engaged. [More]

On the left is the Jekyll app's control flow graph as Apple would have seen it during the screening process. On the right is how it would look after being remotely exploited.

Researchers Find Way To Sneak Malicious Apps Through iOS App Store

Considering Apple’s steely grip on the distribution of apps for iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad, it’s small wonder that only a very small number of malicious apps have slipped through the company’s screening process over the years. But researchers at Georgia Tech say they have figured out a way to create an app that looks fine when being vetted but can wreak havoc once it’s up and running. [More]


Report: Apple Asked Supplier To Ship Two Kinds Of iPhones, Which Means Double The Hype

What’s more fun than getting all worked up about the new iPhone? Getting worked up about two new iPhones, of course! It’s been whispered, buzzed and otherwise fervently discussed that perhaps Apple was working on a lower cost iPhone in order to broaden its appeal in certain markets. Now comes the fact that one of Apple’s suppliers was reportedly asked to ship not one, but two kinds of iPhones. [More]


This Is How The Ubiquitous iPhone Default Text Message Alert Came To Be

Contrary to popular belief, the default text message chime on an iPhone is not the sound Steve Jobs made when he sprung forth fully-formed from his mother’s womb. Sorry to dash your dreams into dust, but really the whole thing was the work of an audio/visual producer who played with a number of options before settling on the now familiar tri-tone that means someone has something to tell you. [More]

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It’s That Time Of The Year When The New iPhone Rumor Mill Gets To Spinning

Doesn’t it feel like the only time people aren’t breathlessly guessing when the next iPhone is coming out is perhaps the minute after an announcement is made as to when the next iPhone is coming out. Heck, even though the newest iteration of Apple phoneage is rumored to thwack us in the faces on Sept. 10, we’re sure someone is already wondering when the one after that will arrive. Such is the world we live in. [More]

Smartphone Amber Alert Freaks Out Everyone In California

Smartphone Amber Alert Freaks Out Everyone In California

Russ went to bed early, setting “do not disturb” mode on his iPhone so no one could wake him up. His phone did wake him up, though, screeching and lighting up with an Amber Alert message about abducted children in a different part of the state. He asked Consumerist: how can he make these unwanted text messages stop? [More]


Apple Offering $10 Discount To Customers Trading In Third-Party USB Adapters

After reports surfaced that iPhone chargers have been shocking, and in one case, killing a customer who answered her phone while it was charging, Apple is offering a discount to customers who trade in third-party chargers. In an announcement on the company site, Apple says third-party adpaters and counterfeit versions might not be designed correctly, so in the interest of customer safety, it’ll dispose of those adapters and set you up with an authentic one. [More]

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Scammer Sells iPhone Boxes With Actual Apples In Them

If you’re going to buy an expensive electronic device from someone you met online or in a gas station parking lot, don’t close the deal until you’ve opened up the boxes and made sure that they really contain an iPhone, and not rocks, pieces of wood, or… fruit. There’s a report out of Australia that a woman bought two iPhones and opened the boxes to find apples instead. [More]

The New Nokia Lumia May Have A 41-Megapixel Camera, But That Doesn’t Mean It’s The Best

A lot has been made about the 41-megapixel camera inside the Nokia Lumia 1020, but our tech-head twins at Consumer Reports say that you shouldn’t be swayed by the impressive number of megapixels, and that the camera is good but still outperformed by the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S4. [Consumer Reports]

My Target Advertises Great iPhone Deal, Doesn’t Stock iPhones

My Target Advertises Great iPhone Deal, Doesn’t Stock iPhones

Rob heard about a great deal at Target: the retailer was running a sale and an iPhone trade-in deal for one weekend only. He made a trip over only to find that the deal was on, but there were no AT&T phones to be had. [More]


Did Your Kid Make In-App Purchases On Your iPhone Without Asking? You Might Be Due Some Cash From Apple

A couple years back, Apple came under fire from parents and regulators after reports that kids were making in-app purchases, sometimes to the tune of four figures, on their folks’ iPhones and iPads. The company has since changed its policy to prevent children from draining their parents’ wallets in this fashion, but that didn’t stop the class-action lawsuit from the people who’d lost money before the policy change. [More]

Once the remote kill switch is activated, the user will need to enter the owner's Apple ID and password, even if the SIM card is removed or replaced.

2.8 Million Reasons Why Smartphones Need To Come With Kill Switches

Earlier this week, Apple made a lot of customers happy when they announced that the next iteration of its iOS operating system for iPhones would integrate a so-called “kill swtich” technology that enables the owner to cripple the phone remotely when it’s lost or stolen. And that’s a good thing, because a lot of you are being careless with your wireless devices. [More]


Apple To Reportedly Offer Its Own Trade-In Program For iPhones, Other Products

While retailers and wireless carriers have long offered trade-in programs for iPhones, and Apple has an existing recycling program to take your old wireless devices, iPods, and computers off your hands, but now the electronics company is reportedly set to launch an in-store trade-in program that pays customers cash for used Apple products. [More]

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My Fifth Replacement iPhone 5 Doesn’t Work Either

Usually, it’s owners of Android devices who get cast into the terrifying outer circles of Smartphone Replacement Purgatory, but owners of Apple devices aren’t immune. Reader Stephen first wrote to us back in February as he got his third replacement iPhone 5. Since then, he’s received two more phones. It’s nice that his phone is under warranty and all, but he’s on a two-year contract. Will he be stuck getting replacements every few months the entire time? [More]