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How Blackberry’s Official Account Ended Up Tweeting From An iPhone

On Tuesday, sharp-eyed users of third-party Twitter programs noticed something very telling on Blackberry’s Twitter feed. A Tweet urging users to download the official Twitter app for Blackberry phones had been posted from an iPhone. Yeah, why should the company’s representatives use a Blackberry to make a Twitter post urging customers to tweet from a Blackberry? [More]

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Study Shows You Can’t Think Straight When Your iPhone Is In The Other Room

A day without my smartphone is a day I couldn’t even imagine (scary, I know). And a new study by scientists at the University of Missouri says that not only is this separation anxiety very real, but that it can impact our cognitive abilities. [More]

Apple’s Future iPhones Might Be Bendy On Purpose

The iPhone 6 caught a lot of heat for being a bit more prone to bending than other phones before it. But in the future, iPhones might be super flexible on purpose. The Apple Insider blog reports that this week, Apple won a patent for “a flexible electronic device” that can fold up like a trifold wallet. In the future, perhaps bendiness will be a feature, not a bug. [Apple Insider]

Unlocked iPhone 6 And iPhone 6 Plus Now Officially Available In The U.S.

Unlocked iPhone 6 And iPhone 6 Plus Now Officially Available In The U.S.

Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have been on the market since September, but one thing that hasn’t been available for customers in the United States was an unlocked, carrier-free phone. People who want Apple’s newest phone and phablet unlocked and unsubsidized can now order it that way directly. Technically, this was available on launch day: Apple just didn’t spell it out. [More]


iPhone Users Sue Claiming False Advertising, Cloud Storage Hawking

Two iPhone owners who live in Florida have filed a class action suit against Apple, claiming that the company advertises devices as having more storage capacity than they really do, of loading creating an operating system download that requires excessive space when first downloaded, and pushing paid cloud-storage services on customers who fill up the smaller-than-advertised hard drives on their phones. [More]

Walmart Slashes Prices On iPhone 6 To $129, 6 Plus To $229

Walmart Slashes Prices On iPhone 6 To $129, 6 Plus To $229

If you have been meaning to buy yourself or a loved one a new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus but haven’t managed to get around to plunking down the cash for it, your procrastination has paid off. Walmart has cut prices on these devices to $129 and $229, respectively, for customers willing to sign up for a two-year contract with AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon. [More]


Someone Just Paid $25K For A Pair Of First Generation 8GB iPhones

Can you remember a time when you couldn’t whip out your phone during an argument over who played that one guy in that one movie, or find out how many miles it was between you and a cheese store? Seems like the Dark Ages now, but for those who thrive on nostalgia and have deep pockets, you just missed out on spending a boatload of cash on a blast from the past — a pair of original, first generation iPhones that recently went for more than $25,000 on eBay. [More]

Apple Patents System To Prevent Dropped iPhones From Landing Face-Down

Apple Patents System To Prevent Dropped iPhones From Landing Face-Down

Most of us have been there, watching in horror as a pricey smartphone falls toward the ground, doomed to be dented, cracked and damaged by the force of impact. A newly awarded Apple patent details how a small vibrating motor could possibly be used to minimize the damage when that device goes into freefall. [More]


AT&T Quietly Offering Customers $50 To Upgrade At Apple Stores

If you’ve decided that it’s time to upgrade your mobile device, and you’re an AT&T customer, AT&T really, really wants you to consider using their installment plan. Not only is there no upgrade fee for current customers who use the company’s Next installment plans, but AT&T is offering customers an extra fifty bucks if they finance a new iPhone, but don’t order it through AT&T. [More]


Apple Will Go To Court After Judge Gives Disappearing iMessage Lawsuit The Green Light

The first of two lawsuits aimed at Apple over the issue of disappearing iMessages that don’t make it to the Android phones of former iPhone users has been given the go-ahead by a judge, which means Apple will have to respond to the allegations in court. [More]


Guy Ends Up With 99 iPhones Worth Of Rejection After Girlfriend Turns Down Elaborate Marriage Proposal

At this point, we must acknowledge that everyone would like to allude to Jay Z’s song about having 99 problems but a difficult, cranky woman isn’t one of them. That’s because some guy in China bought not one iPhone 6, not two, but exactly 99 iPhones as part of an elaborate, public proposal of marriage. Spoiler alert: He’ll only have those phones to curl up with at night from now on. [More]


Researchers: iOS Bug Allows Malware To Replace Your Phone’s Real Apps

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — don’t download apps from third-party sites, or do so at your phone’s peril. Security researchers say they’ve found a particularly sneaky bug in Apple’s iOS that allows hackers to replace real apps with fakes, that can then steal log-in credentials and gain access to a treasure trove of your information. [More]


Apple Introduces Tool To Help Ex-iPhone Owners Get Missing Texts

Where did all of the missing texts go? Apple insisted back in May that they solved the problem of text messages that go missing after users switch to phones using other operating systems, but users claim that messages from iPhone-using friends still went missing. Some even filed a lawsuit claiming that Apple’s iMessage servers still “intercept” their messages. Now Apple has introduced a Web app for that. [More]

Microsoft Decides To Stop Charging For Mobile Office Apps

Microsoft Decides To Stop Charging For Mobile Office Apps

Realizing that it can’t make money if no one uses its products anymore, Microsoft has decided to allow iOS and Android users to access most of the functions in its mobile Office suite of apps — Word, Excel, PowerPoint — without having to pay a hefty annual subscription fee. [More]

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Can Police Force You To Unlock Your Phone With Fingerprint?

While the Supreme Court recently made it very clear that police can’t look at the contents of a suspect’s phone without a warrant, what remains unresolved is whether or not authorities with a warrant can then compel a suspect to unlock his/her phone. And does it make a difference if that unlocking involves a fingerprint instead of a passcode? [More]


More Former iPhone Users Suing Apple, Claiming iMessage “Intercepts” Texts Meant For Android Phones

Although Apple has since claimed to have fixed an issue afflicting many former iPhone users, who claimed they failed to receive messages meant for them from friends once they switched to Android phones, yet another group of customers are suing the company, claiming iMessage intercepted their messages. [More]


Cop Guesses Woman’s iPad Password, Uses Find My iPhone App To Locate Woman Missing After Car Crash

In possibly one of the only instances where you might be lucky to have chosen an easily guessed password, a woman stuck for 13 hours after her car flipped over was finally located after a police officer was able to get into her iPad and activate the woman’s Find My iPhone app. [More]

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iPhone 6 Demand Delaying Production On New iPads

The good news for Apple is that the success of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is restoring some of the luster to the brand that had faded following the candy-colored disappointment that was the iPhone 5C. The bad news is that keeping up with demand for the new devices is delaying production on new iPads. [More]