Apple: We Won’t Unlock Devices When The Police Ask, Because iOS 8 Doesn’t Let Us

After nude photos of celebrities stolen off the iCloud showed up all over the Internet, Apple had a whole lot of egg on its face from customers worried about their own privacy. It seems the company is taking steps to counteract some of those concerns, at least so far as devices are involved, announcing last night that with the iOS 8 software update comes another layer of privacy: The company itself will no longer be able to unlock customers’ devices, even when served with a search warrant. [More]

The Only Way To Avoid Paying A Fee For iPhone Upgrade Is To Pay Full Price

The Only Way To Avoid Paying A Fee For iPhone Upgrade Is To Pay Full Price

Earlier this week, we looked at the various offers being thrown out by the four major wireless carriers in their attempts to attract people switching to the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. What was left out of that discussion — and which seems to be catching a number of customers by surprise today — is that some of them must pay a fee to upgrade. [More]

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CashForiPhones Keeps My iPhone, Cuts Cash Offer By $222

Apple announced new iPhone models earlier this week, which means that for many people, it’s time to trade up. While your mobile phone carrier might offer a sweet trade-in deal, some customers are able to get even more by using outside trade-in services. That’s what Steve tried to do, selling his iPhone 5 to the site CashForiPhones.com. The site offered him $263, but once they had the phone, only sent him a check for $41. [More]

Your Guide To The Major Carriers’ iPhone 6 Offers

Your Guide To The Major Carriers’ iPhone 6 Offers

Apple announced a couple of new phones yesterday, triggering a Pavlovian response in some consumers that can only be eased by the acquisition of one of these new phones. It also pits the four national wireless carriers against each other in a battle for Apple-hungry customers. [More]

Apple To Launch Photon Death Ray (Or Maybe Just More iPhones & A Watch)

Disregard the phone on the left. It is old and you will be embarrassed to be seen in public with it after Sept. 19.

It’s been a few weeks since an Apple CEO summoned the news media to gather before him to be told about the latest incarnation of the iPhone. Sometimes the CEO’s proclamations are worth the attention. Sometimes they are barely worth a press release (yes, we’re looking you, iPhone 5C). Where would today’s announcement fall on that spectrum? [More]

What has two thumbs and got paid to act excited about T-Mobile's trade-in deal?

T-Mobile To Match Competitors’ Device Trade-In Offers

Yet another iPhone is on the way in time for the end-of-year shopping blitz. This means the major wireless companies will be stepping over each other offering to let you trade in your old phone and upgrade. T-Mobile, the little magenta company that could, is trying to get out in front of the competition by saying it will match their trade-in offers. [More]

People Started Lining Up Outside Of Tokyo Apple Store On Sunday

People Started Lining Up Outside Of Tokyo Apple Store On Sunday

You may have heard that there are new products emerging from the magical land of Cupertino tomorrow. People started camping out near the glass edifice of a Manhattan Apple Store last week, but they have sponsors. The campers in Tokyo’s fancy Ginza district set up on Sunday, and are supposedly there out of just fanatical devotion to Apple products. [More]


Of Course There Are Already Four People Camped Out In Line In NYC For The New iPhone

There are at least four people in the world who have nothing better to do for three weeks than sit in lawn chairs and wait for the new iPhone. And we know this, because there are currently four people who have been camping out at the New York City Apple store since last week, sitting in lawn chairs and waiting for the new iPhone to go on sale on Sept. 19. [More]


The Time Has Come: Facebook Forcing Smartphone Users To Download Separate Messaging App

Have the urge to send a Facebook message to your ex at goodness knows what time in the morning saying Zeus only knows what? If you want to make that mistake on your phone, soon you’ll have to download the social network’s entirely separate Messenger app, or forever keep your peace. Until the next time you hang out with your pal tequila, at least. [More]

Apple Downplays Reports Of Back Doors To iPhones; Security Expert Says Company Is Being Misleading

Apple Downplays Reports Of Back Doors To iPhones; Security Expert Says Company Is Being Misleading

Late last week, forensic scientist Jonathan Zdziarski announced at a conference that Apple iPhones have back doors, undocumented functions that could allow unauthorized users to wirelessly connect and swipe data from the devices. Apple has since responded with a statement intended to downplay the issue, but Zdziarski insists that the computer company is not being honest with consumers. [More]


Man’s Phone Mailed Back To Him From Japan 9 Months After He Lost It In 280,000 Pounds Of Grain

When an Oklahoma farmer saw his phone disappear in a pit filled with 280,000 pounds of grain, he figured it was pretty much gone. The iPhone had fallen from his shirt pocket and gone up a grain elevator, and went on its merry way into the void. Or so he thought — until he got a call nine months later from a stranger in Japan. [More]


In a move that could signal a purge of old inventory before Apple introduces its new iPhone, Walmart has cut its prices on the iPhone 5s and 5c — with a two-year contract, only in stores. The 5S now goes for $99, down from $429, while the 5c costs $29, a drop from its previous price of $49. [via CNNMoney]

Apple Will Prevent Businesses From Tracking iPhone Users Via Wifi

Apple Will Prevent Businesses From Tracking iPhone Users Via Wifi

Remember when Nordstrom began tracking customers’ movements in and out of their stores by using smartphones’ individual Media Access Control (MAC) addresses if those phones tried to connect to in-store wifi, then abruptly stopped when the public found out about it? App developers say that Apple is ending such tracking in the next version of its mobile operating system by randomizing MAC addresses. [More]

Case Of The Missing Text Messages: Apple Claims To Have Fixed iMessage Server Glitch

Case Of The Missing Text Messages: Apple Claims To Have Fixed iMessage Server Glitch

Apple says consumers who recently switched from iPhones to Android devices should soon be able to rest easier, after it claims to have fixed one issue that left some people unable to receive text messages from iPhone users. [More]


Trouble Getting Texts From iPhones After Switching To Android? You’re Not Alone

UPDATE: A Consumerist reader and former AT&T tech rep has a possible fix for some iPhone-to-Android switchers having this problem. Which, by the emails we’ve gotten since posting the original story below, is happening to a lot of our readers. [More]

Eyes on the road while you're in the hot seat.

New Apple Patent Seeks To Prevent Drivers From Texting While Behind The Wheel

Apple’s already got a patent in the works for technology to keep distracted pedestrians from hurting themselves while texting and walking, and now the company’s got its eyes on the road. Because you should too, instead of texting and driving. [More]


Steve Jobs Called The Competition With Google’s Android System A “Holy War”

How devoted was the late Steve Jobs to the company he co-founded? Devoted enough for him to liken Apple’s competition with Google’s Android operating system to a “holy war,” according to emails unearthed by Samsung’s lawyers as part of the Korean company’s legal fight against Apple. [More]


Apple And Samsung Back In Court For Round Eleventy Billion Of Their Legal Fight

What’s happened once has happened before, and will happen again. Whether or not you ascribe to that kind of Battlestar Galactica/Rust Cohle on True Detective life view, it certainly feels like seeing Apple and Samsung in the legal ring again was inevitable. We’re on about round eleventy billion, give or take an eleventy, as the two head back to court today in a dustup over patents. Again. [More]