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NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg Blames Uptick In Crime On Thieves Coveting All Those iPhones

At any given moment, the streets of New York City are like a veritable sea, teeming with fish (people) tempting thieves with their pockets full of shiny, new electronic gadgets. And that preponderance of highly-coveted technology, including Apple’s popular iPhones and iPads, is why the city’s major crime rate has risen this year, says NYC’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg. [More]

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Everyone Spent Christmas Day Activating Their Shiny New Gadgets & Downloading Apps

Forget those crackling fireplaces, this year Americans were lit by the soft, blue electric glow of their brand new Android and iOS devices on Christmas Day, as more people spent the holiday activating their gadgets and downloading apps. Nothing like quality time with the ones you love and all your electronics, eh? [More]

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Patent Office Rejects Apple’s “Pinch To Zoom” Patent, Samsung Licks Its Chops

That sound you hear? That’s Samsung rubbings its metaphorical hands together in gleeful anticipation after the United States Patent and Trademark Office smacked Apple’s patent for “pinch to zoom” technology down. That same patent helped Apple win its case against Samsung and win it $1.05 billion as a result. So if that patent should never have been granted, Samsung thinks there should be a whole new trial. [More]

The box of iPads.

My Mom Ordered One iPad And Best Buy Sent Five

Alexa’s boyfriend got an iPad for Christmas from his mother. Well, that’s not quite true. His mother ordered one iPad, and had it shipped to him. What arrived on their doorstep was a very large and heavy box that was big enough to hold five iPads. Because it did. [More]

Amazon Trade-In Program Signs For My iPad, Then It Disappears

Amazon Trade-In Program Signs For My iPad, Then It Disappears

Damion loves to trade in his tech for newer, better tech when a new item comes out. He also loves to save the manual and accessories so his old gear is extremely sellable when something new comes out. He decided to give Amazon’s Trade-in Service a try instead of his usual venues, Craigslist and eBay. Things went smoothly when he traded in an iPhone 4S, then… not so smoothly when he decided to trade in his iPad for an iPad Mini. [More]


Oprah Wholeheartedly Endorses The Surface Tablet In A Tweet Sent From Her iPad

Of all the people we never thought we’d have to say this to: Oprah Winfrey, celebrity endorsements? You’re doing it wrong. The one and only O just looooves showering her fans with expensive, exciting gifts during her “Favorite Things” special once a year. This year she was super fired up about the new MS Surface. Earlier this week she gushed about the Windows tablet, but just so happened to send that admiring tweet from her iPad. D’oh. [More]


Man Mad At Walmart Because He Doesn’t Actually Want A $480 Fake iPad

Even if you’re not buying iPads in gas stations (either in Texas or Florida, or anywhere else for that matter), customers are finding out there are duds popping up in the places you’d least expect. A man in Miami says he recently bought an iPad from Walmart ended up with a $480 piece of plastic that does absolutely nothing and is in fact, not an iPad. [More]

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If You Buy An iPad In A Gas Station Don’t Be Surprised If It Turns Out To Be A Picture Frame

Here at Consumerist we like to keep our readers in the loop about schemes, cheats and tricks we hear about so you don’t end up as a victim. Unfortunately for a few wannabe iPad owners, they apparently hadn’t heard the story of the woman who bought one of the tablets at a gas station only to find out she’d really purchased a mirror. A couple unsuspecting consumers in Miami were looking for cheap electronics, but they ended up with picture frames after dealing with strangers at a gas station. [More]


Buying An iPad From Some Guy At A Gas Station Isn’t Such A Good Idea

If some random person pulls up to you at a gas station and asks you if you’d like to buy an iPad for $200, go with your gut instinct. Unless your gut instinct tells you that this sounds like a really great idea. It isn’t. A Texas woman did just that. Now she’s stuck with an iPad that only lets her do one thing: have one-sided FaceTime conversations. Because it’s a mirror. [More]

This Guy Drop-Tests iPad Mini & Google Nexus 7 So You Don’t Have To

This Guy Drop-Tests iPad Mini & Google Nexus 7 So You Don’t Have To

If you’re in the market for a tablet this holiday season, especially one for one of your butterfingered kids or your accident-prone parents, you’ll probably want to know how well Apple’s new iPad Mini and the Google Nexus 7 survive when dropped on the ground. [More]

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UK Court Tells Apple It Isn’t Being Blatant Enough With Its Samsung Apology, Orders It To Try Again

A court of appeal in the UK is issuing a bit of a verbal smackdown to Apple, chiding it for not putting its all into the statement it was ordered to post acknowledging that Samsung hadn’t infringed on its copyrighted designs. A judge reprimanded the company and told it to put a new statement that complies with the ruling in a prominent spot on its homepage and not hidden away in a link that leads elsewhere on the site. [More]


Judge To Apple: Again, Samsung Didn’t Copy The iPad Because The Galaxy Tablet Isn’t Cool

Apple just can’t accept that its products are too cool to have been copied by Samsung, but yet another judge shut down the company’s complaints about its rival’s tablet computers. An appeals court in London affirmed an earlier ruling that had cleared Samsung of cribbing from Apple’s designs, a ruling which may finally end the legal battles between the two companies. [More]


Does Our Love Of Tablets & Smartphones Signal The Beginning Of The End For PCs?

If college kids today could see the hulking mass of plastic and metal parts that comprised the PC I was required to buy from my college freshman year, they would probably never stop laughing. It used to be that to get by in the computing world, a personal computer was the necessary gadget. But as shipments of PCs are forecast to fall for the first time in 11 years, times could be a-changin’. [More]

The all new iPad?

Check To Make Sure Your iPad Box Isn’t Full Of Notebooks Before You Leave The Store

Once again, a consumer plunks down hard-earned cash for a pricey electronic device, only to find out later that the box is full of something completely useless. And since she had the gall to wait until she got home, the folks at her local Walmart all but accused her of trying to pull a scam. [More]


Amazon Downgrades Your Electronics Trade-In Value? Complain

Ian decided to use Amazon’s trade-in service to get cash for his iPad. The third-party company that runs the trade-in service decided that his device had invisible scratches, and downgraded its condition. They offered him $30 less than if it had been in “like new” shape. He was annoyed, and contacted Amazon about it. Amazon stepped in and promised him that if he sends the iPad again, he’ll get the full balance of the “like new” price. [More]

Google adds Street View to iOS browser maps

Still No Google Maps App For iOS 6, But You Can Now Access Street View

As many people with an iOS device noticed when they upgraded to iOS 6, their Google Maps app had vanished into the ether, replaced with a map app that even Apple admits maybe isn’t that great right now. For people who still wanted to use Google Maps, they could still view them via a web browser, and now Google has turned on Street View. [More]

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble Ushers Its Thinner Nooks Into The Ring To Duke It Out With Other Tablets

If you don’t compete, you die. That’s what’s pushing retailers to give it their all to nudge Amazon and Apple from their spots atop the e-commerce and e-reader world, and basically anything else you can put an “e-” in front of. Today Barnes & Noble unveiled its newest Nook Tablets, both with HD to produce better video viewing. [More]

App Publisher Claims Leaked iPhone IDs Came From Its Database, Not FBI

App Publisher Claims Leaked iPhone IDs Came From Its Database, Not FBI

As you probably recall, hackers recently claimed to have swiped unique tracking information for iPhone and iPads via a laptop belonging to an FBI agent, leading many to wonder why the lawmen would have this information in the first place. The FBI quickly denied any ties to the information, and now a publishing company in Florida is saying that the hacked list actually belongs to it and not the feds. [More]