This is what profit looks like these days.

Company That Makes Game About Scoring Digital Candy You Can’t Even Eat Files For IPO

Using candy as bait is a tried-and-true trick to get people to do things. Like trading a Snickers bar to your little brother so he’ll promise not to tell your parents what time you really came home from that party junior year, candy has a way of persuading people. Heck, Candy Crush Saga doesn’t even reward people players with real candy and yet it’s so popular, the company that makes it is banking on its draw when it goes public. [More]

(Tom Raftery)

Twitter Announces It’s Going #Public, Files For IPO

If you didn’t get in on the Facebook IPO and feel like it’s time you started making waves in the social network investment world, start busting open your piggy banks: Twitter announced last night (on Twitter, where else?) that it has filed confidential paperwork to kick off the process of an initial public offering. [More]