Big banks are bringing banking to your cellphone so you can easily see how broke you are from anywhere in the world.

Top 5 Online Banks For Customer Satisfaction

Top 5 Online Banks For Customer Satisfaction

You can’t please all of the people all of the time, but you can try. Here’s a list of the online banks that are trying the hardest.

What’s The Ultimate Banking Solution?

What’s The Ultimate Banking Solution?

Reader Wonders About ING Direct

Reader Wonders About ING Direct

Tanja’s got a problem: as she rapidly hurtles forward through time and space towards retirement, the dread madness of financial responsibility has begun to engorge her brain.

Time to Human, Banks, Day 5

Time to Human, Banks, Day 5

Ring ring, Mr. Banker, pick up the phone, we hit the stopwatch and hang up. Here are the results.

Time to Human, Banks, Day 4

Time to Human, Banks, Day 4

Today’s results in our week-long test of how long it takes banks humanoids to pick up the ring ring ring.

Time to Human, Banks, Day 3

Time to Human, Banks, Day 3

The results of today’s benchmark test to see how long it takes banks’ live humans to pick up the phone.

Time to Human, Banks, Day 2

Time to Human, Banks, Day 2

Time to Human, Banks, Day 1

Time to Human, Banks, Day 1

We’ll be calling up the banks this week to see who’s the quickest at having a human pick up the phone.

Consumers Speak: ING Direct Is Pretty Awesome

In response to the Top 10 Online Banks story the other day, Tonya exploded in a gush of enthusiasm for ING Direct much like a water balloon filled with sunshine and liquid rainbows that has been hugged to death. From Tonya’s comment, ING Direct sounds pretty swank, so for your edification, dear readers: